Who says you need to be perfect to be a star? Although celebs must project an air of perfection today, no one in the world is indeed perfect. Even if you have an international reputation, you own some physical flaws like crooked teeth. While no one can deny that having straight teeth is a great thing to aspire to, a perfect smile isn’t for everyone. In Hollywood, there are tons of celebrities with horrible teeth that are gapped or crooked. Because of them, plenty of stars are not willing to show off their less-than-perfect smiles, they even have had their smiles transformed by orthodontics and dentistry and made more beautiful.

Despite working in Hollywood, which is obsessed with picture-perfect images, many celebs choose to stay true to their own beauty standards and it seems to be a breath of fresh air. Some share that their teeth gaps or misaligned chompers helped them land more roles.

Below are some famous people who embrace imperfect smiles.

#1 Kirsten Dunst

At the age of 12, Kirsten Dunst started in Interview with the Vampire alongside Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt, but she didn’t have to put on any fake vampire because of her teeth. Dunst proudly told Elle UK, “I love my snaggle fangs. They give me character and character is sexy.”

#2 Vanessa Paradis

French actress and singer Vanessa Paradis never try to fox her teeth gaps. Instead, she turned this defect into a fashionable trend.

#3 Jewel

Sometimes, a person having a terrifying set of teeth can become a singer. Jewel is a perfect example. When she decided to take an acting role as the late June Carter, she actually wore prosthetic teeth and didn’t get real dental work done to have them straightened.

#4 Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp has white teeth so he tries to deform his already imperfect smile. After filming “Pirates of the Caribbean”, the actor didn’t want to part with the mental teeth of Captain Jack Sparrow. He decided to install grills to maintain his uniqueness.

#5 Lara Stone

Lara Stone’s imperfect teeth not only catapult her to supermodel stardom but also sparked a shift in the pursuit of “pearly whites”.

#6 50 Cent

Well-known rapper 50 Cent sang and acted for years with a pair of front teeth. After a fellow rapper made fun of him, he decided to get part of the problem fixed. He kept the gap in his teeth but modified their size to match the rest of his mouth.

#7 Anna Paquin

While many starts tend to get their teeth issues repaired, Anna Paquin doesn’t seem to be interested in doing anything to her teeth. Her teeth gap get bigger when she grows up.

#8 Michael Strahan

Like the celebs mentioned above, Michael Strahan has an imperfect smile. His two incisor gap is too big, though his teeth are white and bright.

#9 Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise’s first gigs in “The Outsiders”, and his look was perfect for the role of greaser Steve Randle. Beyond that movie, he changed up his appearance, beginning with fixing his teeth, which were discolored and out of alignment.

#10 Madonna

Madonna has had a gap between her two front teeth forever. She had some dental work to reduce the size of the space since such imperfections do tend to grow over the years instead of shrinking.


#11 Morgan Freeman

Morgan Freeman’s teeth had yellowed over time and weren’t as straight as could be.

#12 Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay’s years as a party girl took their toll on her teeth. She decided to visit her dentist and traded in her decaying yellow-chipped teeth for pearly-white veneers.

#13 Keira Knightley

Modern actresses Keira Knightley believes that every smile is individual and therefore will never correct her uneven bite. The actress’s imperfect teeth do not bother producers. Thanks to her talent and charm, Kira continues to get roles in the best films.

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