A busy mum-of-two has come under fire after revealing she puts her children in a box so they will leave her alone to get some jobs done around the house.

The mum, Gabrielle Dunn, posted a video showing her ‘ultimate mum hack’ on TikTok recently, placing her toddler and baby in a cardboard box with their crayons.

In the video the mum then demonstrates all the ‘things’ she can do while they are contained in the box – including vacuuming in peace.

‘Glad we didn’t break down that box yet,’ she said, celebrating a few minutes without her two girls getting in the way.

But some people were less than impressed with the hack, labeling it cruel and lazy.

‘When they get bored and break out and use those crayons on the walls just remember it was your fault,’ one woman said.

‘Imagine not wanting to hang out with your kids,’ said another.

‘This just reinforces that it is okay to draw on walls,’ one sad said.

‘Don’t they have a bedroom to play in?’ questioned another.

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She admitted she had taken the idea from Abby Franco another ‘TikTok mum’ who bragged the hack gave her ’30 minutes of cleaning time’ every time.

‘I like to work smarter not harder,’ she said.

Some people commended the mums – and said they loved the idea and would use it at home.

‘Love this, you are thinking inside the box,’ one mum said.

‘Honestly, parents are genius,’ added another.

@abbyfranco6 Work smart not hard 😎 #momoftiktok #hacks ♬ Gangsta’s Paradise (feat. L.V.) – Coolio

One mum said her kids would never last 30 minutes ‘trapped’.

‘My boys would get bored and start wrestling and pulling each other around it,’ one said.

While others admitted their own parents had used similar tricks.

‘When my parents bought a patio set I made a space ship with the box and it is a prime core memory for me,’ one woman said.

‘We did this when we got out bathroom vanity. It was great for five days and then the box was too big for the house,’ another said.

Some parents said they ‘go one step further’.

‘Add snacks next time and see how much more time you get,’ you are welcome.

The mum’s video has 10million views and over 1.5million likes after going viral.

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