A couple from the UK says that their son Stormy came at as trans when he was just 2 years old.

The family was featured on My Extraordinary Family, where they opened up about their story. They say Stormy didn’t tell them he wanted to be a boy. He said, “I am a boy.” That’s how they knew he really identified as male.

It sounds strange for a child to know at such a young age that they’re trans, but it’s actually fairly common. Either way, parents Klara and Matt were listening to their child and taking it all in stride.

Stormy is now 4 years old. He was actually born alongside his twin, Arlo. But while at first the parents welcomed a girl and a boy, now they have twin boys.

Stormy says that when people refer to him as a girl it makes him feel “sad.” Matt says he could tell that it wasn’t just a phase, too. Stormy would get genuinely upset when his parents tried to put him in clothing that was too girly.

For more on the family’s amazing story, watch the video.


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