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Only_Fans Star Discovers Her ‘Hottest Daddy’ Subscriber Is Her Own Dad

OnlyFans Star named London was recently left with mixed feelings after realizing her father had subscribed to her channel and faithfully watched her saucy content every month. She couldn’t keep the discovery to herself as she decided to share it with her TikTok audience, possibly for their opinion on the subject matter…

“Me realizing *the Hott3st Daddy* user was my dad getting all my content on my [OnlyFans] every month,” reads the text on the California-based clip.

London, whose bio identifies her as transgender, captioned the post and clarified in the caption of the video that the story was real and in the comment appeared to imply that she and her father still live under the same roof. However, while some commenters were skeptical of her story’s authenticity, a few were very concerned about the situation.

“Bruh, this has to be a crime, ain’t no way,” someone commented. Another asked under the post that has since garnered over 85K views: “Do you continue to talk to your dad after finding something like that out?” A third continued: “You know what’s horrible a lot of men do not touch their kids but fantasize about it.”

A fourth stated: “That is sick AF. I’m so sorry girl I can’t imagine how you just feel.”

A fraction of her less judgmental followers applauded the dad for supporting his daughter’s online business. One defender said: “Does that mean he is a good or bad dad? Sounds supportive to me. Another chimed in: “We love a supportive father,” using handclap emojis to stress their excitement.

However, one famous story similar to London is that of Karla Ramirez, a TikToker and OnlyFans creator. She had said after years of interacting with her inappropriately on different social media platforms; her father had subscribed to her OnlyFans content under multiple usernames.

Karla called her relationship with her dad f***ed up and the entire situation traumatizing.



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