Old people tell me I won’t look good at 60 because of my tattoos

A young woman has opened up about society’s beauty standards and how the older generation judges her for having tattoos. Taylor Paige Courtenay, 26, from South Devon, has a number of inkings all over her body, including her neck, face, stomach and legs.

The TikTok user, who boasts 314,000 followers on the social media platform, addressed the negativity she receives from people on the site. Posting under the handle taypaigec, she captioned one video: ‘Your tattoos are not going to look good when you hit 60. [sic]’ She added to the clip: ‘I wish they’d keep their opinions to themselves.’

However, Taylor didn’t seem too affected by the comments, jokingly replying: ‘That’s bold of you to assume you even look good at 60.’ In another scene, Taylor teased her array of inkings across her chest by covering up with a baggy jumper before stripping off to reveal the many tattoos across her chest and stomach. She added: ‘Karen will say I’ve ruined myself.’

In another clip, the young woman revealed she had ‘come to terms’ with the fact that she’ll never be the type of partner people want to take home to meet their parents. She wrote: ‘26 and coming to terms with the fact that I’ll never be “that girl”. I’ll never be the girl they take home to their parents, I’ll never be the girl they talk about with their friends, I’ll never be the girl to be invited round for dinner, I’ll never be the girl they show off.’

Taylor added: ‘I’ll always be the temporary fix, I’ll be the girl they use to pass the time, I’ll always be the girl that’s hidden.’ In another message, the tattoo fanatic added: ‘idec (I don’t even care) my skin makes me happy. [sic]’ Under the clips discussing her tattoos, the TikTok user was inundated with messages and questions from her followers.

One person wrote: ‘Honest question for you. Do you not worry at all what they will look like when ya 60 it’s sort of what puts me off getting a tattoo tbh.’ ‘Screw them. Got my first ink at 17 and now 15 years later got sleeves, chest and back piece. Love them and no regrets. Will still think this at 60,’ added another fan of Taylor’s. While someone else penned: ‘So true just think there rude asf and jealous.’ And a fourth person gushed: ‘You are freaking perfect.’

While Taylor is confident with her tattoos and has learned to deal with the negative comments, a mum-of-four with 14 face tattoos has revealed that people assume she’s a ‘criminal’. Claire Elsie-Rose, 33, who works a tattoo artist, said that she’s often questioned about her aesthetic choices but has no regrets over her body modifications.

The business owner, lives with her four children aged between six month and 13, and her partner of three years Jonny, 30, a driver. She insists that there’s a ‘huge misconception’ around face tattoos, as people think anyone with them is ‘wild and irresponsible’ or ‘a criminal’. ‘I’ve also had questions like “why would you do that?” and comments like “you used to be so pretty!” implying I’ve somehow ruined my looks,’ she told the Sun.