“Nobody Talks to My Daughter in School”: Father Storms School to Complain Over Attitude of Child’s Classmates

  • A father got so worried over his little daughter who always comes back home from school with a frown on her face
  • He approached the little girl and asked why she was always unhappy and the little girl said her classmates do not talk to her in school
  • Upon investigation, the heartbroken father discovered that the pupils were only following their teacher’s instructions

A little girl got her doting father disturbed after returning from school every day in tears. The girl complained that she has been facing problems in school as her classmates dislike her and do not associate with her.

The worried father decided to take the matter up. He visited her school and talked with the classmates who confirmed his daughter’s report. According to the classmates, they failed to associate with the little girl because she was stubborn and their teacher instructed them to keep malice with her.

Dexterouz11 who shared the story via Twitter said: “This man told me about his child always coming back home to report that everybody hates her in school. He followed her to school to find out the problem and the pupils said they don’t talk to her because their teacher told them not to. “He vex meet teacher. The teacher said his daughter was being stubborn and that was the way to control it. So asking small children to keep malice with friends don become way of correction?”

When Legit.ng reached out to the tweep, he revealed that the teacher got sacked from the school. “The father give school wahala until they sack the teacher. It was not a good approach”, the tweep said. See the tweet below:

Mum sets trap for teachers eating child’s food in school

Meanwhile, Legit.ng previously reported that a Nigerian mother identified as @Dcounty93 on Twitter has accused her child’s teachers of eating his food. The woman said she always suspected that someone was eating the food of her two-year-old son whom she usually sends to school with a big flask.

Knowing that her son doesn’t eat unripe plantain, she packaged it for him in a flash and sent him to school. Surprisingly, he still came home with an empty flask. Reacting, Ifunanya 13 said: “Why will you give him what you know he might not eat? Is like you don’t want to have rest of mind that day.


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