A mother named Magdalena Espósito Valenti and her female partner Abigail Páez, accused of killing and sexually abusing five-year-old Lucio Dupuy on November 26, 2021, have been sentenced to life in prison on February 17. They have been sentenced to life imprisonment after having been found guilty of the crime of aggravated homicide to varying degrees.

According to Buenos Aires Times, both women, who were not present for the verdict, were sentenced after 15 days of deliberation in the Oral Court of Santa Rosa in La Pampa. Judges Alejandra Ongaro, Daniel Sáez Zamora, and Andrés Olié applied the maximum sentence to both. Valenti, the mother, was convicted of aggravated homicide on three counts. However, she was found not guilty of sexual abuse. On the other hand, Páez was convicted of aggravated homicide on two counts and was found guilty of “seriously outrageous sexual abuse.”

Valenti and Páez jailed for the rest of their life

The judges wrote in their decision that Páez “has clear notions of right and wrong, just and unjust, lawful and unlawful, knows that the alleged act constitutes a crime and knows the responsibilities that would correspond to her, that is, she understands the criminality of her acts and can direct her actions.”

Trial prosecutor Verónica Ferrero confirmed that both Valenti and Páez would be jailed for the rest of their life. The prosecutor said, “Because of the article of the Penal Code under which they were sentenced, the defendants cannot ask for parole even when they are over 50 years old. It is a life sentence, they have no possibility of release; they cannot ask for parole after any term has passed.”

The killing of Lucio Dupuy

Valenti and Páez killed Lucio between 5.30 pm and 7.40 pm on November 26, 2021, after months of abuse. On October 6 of that year, Paez wrote to Valenti, “Look how Lucio’s feet are, put cream on him and talk to him and ask him if he wants to go to sleep tomorrow (to have some friends over)… The next day I’m obviously going to see him or You, nothing and don’t imagine about the injury you got, that if they ask you something that fell, that is … no … I scratched myself from the tree I don’t know, invent something if you are an inventor,” quotes Nation World News. An autopsy found that Lucio died of an internal hemorrhage caused by a beating. Additionally, his body showed burns and bites, as per Buenos Aires Herald.


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