My sister-in-law CHARGED me £200 for staying at her house for Christmas – even though I cooked the whole dinner by myself

  • British woman said her sister-in-law charged her £200 for her Christmas stay
  • Said invoice felt unfair because she brought the food and cooked dinner for all
  • Added she already spent £40 on top up shop for everyone during three-day stay

A mother-of-three has revealed how she was left ‘fuming’ after her sister-in-law sent her an invoice for £200 to cover her family’s stay at Christmas.

The British mother aired her frustration on the parenting website Mumsnet, where she claimed her husband’s sister charged her for ‘hospitality’ after she and her family stayed from 23 to 26 December.

The disgruntled poster said she felt the charge was unfair, because she had brought several bits of food for the party to enjoy, including meat, pudding and drinks, and added she cooked the Christmas dinner for everyone by herself because the sister-in-law was poorly.

After she shared her story online, many said the mother-of-three should send the sister-in-law an invoice of her own.

The woman said she was ‘absolutely fuming about the invoice I’ve received!’

She explained that she and her husband and their three children stayed at the sister-in-law’s from 23 to 26 December.

And they provided a lot of key ingredients for the dinners the family had together, including two joints of meat, a Christmas pudding, a Christmas cake as well as wine, beer, gin and rum.

The couple also brought cheese and snacks and drinks for the children.

‘There was one café lunch and one takeaway and we all paid for our own families. I paid for one top up shop of about £40. Everyone else paid for/brought similar things,’ she explained.

However, she revealed that her sister-in-law still sent her an invoice template charging her £200 for ‘hospitality.’

‘I understand that hosting 9 people is a lot but I hadn’t expected to be invoiced,’ she said.

And she ‘fuming’ Christmas guest was already working on her retaliation, writing: ‘My husband wants to pay it to shut her up. I want to ask her to itemise it and to prepare an invoice in return for the hours I spent cooking Christmas dinner.’

People were shocked at the sister-in-law’s outrageous request for money.

‘You write her an invoice with all the items you paid for listed. And a line something like “you being a cheeky f***** : priceless”,’ one said.

‘Assume it’s a festive joke and bin it,’ another said.

‘Omg that is so cheeky,’ one wrote before adding: ‘Please ask for an itemised bill and send yours in return!

‘You effectively “worked” Christmas Day, which, in my workplace is an additional 69 per cent of your usual hourly wage, so factor that in. Likewise for Boxing Day! Gah, the gall of some people.’

Another said: ‘Create your own invoice and send it back! How much did you spend and what is the going rate for a chef these days.

‘I wouldn’t pay it. You’ve contributed plenty and been very generous. Who the f*** invoices guests for staying with them? Ignore it and stay at home for Christmas in future. Far simpler,’ one simply wrote.

‘What brother on earth would pay this? Why is your DH so wet,’ one asked.

‘If she makes a thing of it literally tell her what you’ve said here. You cooked f****** dinner, you pulled your weight,’ one wrote.

‘Of course that’s bloody bonkers. Just tell her the thank you which you were going to send for hosting was going to cost £200 and suggest you call it quits,’ one said.

‘This is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard haha please tell me it’s not true,’ one said.

‘I find this very difficult to believe,’ another wrote.

‘Jeez I can’t believe some people . Invoicing your own family. It’s not like you turned up empty handed and she should have said she’d be invoicing and then you could have decided whether to go or not,’ one said.

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