The woman who boasts of the ‘world’s biggest lips’, plans on injecting more lip filler to make them bigger! Andrea Ivanova, 25, who holds the record for the largest lips in the world has now expressed her wish to take it further and make them bigger with more procedures. This has attracted the ire of fans, who are now convinced that her lips may very well see the end and burst if she continues on. Ivanova’s bizarre fantasy for huge lips reportedly began in 2018 when she had wanted to look like a Bratz doll and had gotten fillers for her chin, jaw, and lips.

In recent times, Ivanova has gotten a lot more traction, with her spending more than $1,900 on her most recent cheekbone enhancement filler, which she had done to achieve a more slender face. Ivanova, who already has the moniker of the ‘woman with the world’s biggest lips,’ seems to now be chasing after the title of the ‘woman with the most chiseled facial structure.’ Her cheekbone filler only prompted her to have more of it injected into her lips as well, thus making fans worry about her lips ‘bursting.’

‘Not big enough’

Ivanova’s quest for the world’s biggest lips and the sharpest facial features has gained a following on Instagram as well, with the Bulgarian woman boasting over 26,000 followers so far. “I still want bigger lips and I will continue with more injections to make them even bigger,” Ivanova said about her mission, as per Daily Mail.


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While she has been dubbed the woman with the world’s biggest lips, it seems that it is not enough as she remarks, “My lips are still not big enough and I want them much bigger than now. Every month I will get more filler, but I can’t even count how much money I’ve spent in total.”

‘That’s not hot it’s actually terrifying’

With her bizarre interests, it is only natural for Ivanova to attract a lot of attention from well-wishers and detractors alike. In her comments section, many criticize Ivanova’s choice of fillers and procedures, with one of them saying, “Are you not scared they will just burst one day.” Another user had aggressively called for the doctors who give her fillers to “be jailed,” and for Ivanova to receive “mental help.” Another user had blatantly put out, “That’s not hot it’s actually terrifying you shouldn’t be proud of that.”


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However, there have been some others who support Ivanova and her decisions. “They look amazing,” one user said, while another deemed her lips to be “perfection.”

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