A 70-year-old woman has revealed that her husband of 48 years ‘keeps disappearing’ to Thailand and sending ‘hundreds of pounds’ there monthly.

Speaking on a Dear Deidre phone-in on This Morning, the anonymous caller who went by ‘Julie’ said he leaves without telling her, and is tight-lipped about where the cash is going – dismissively claiming it’s ‘none of her business’.

A shocked Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby listened on as the bizarre tale was recounted to the agony aunt.

‘It’s normally on a Wednesday night he goes,’ she revealed. ‘I just come home, there’s no note, nothing, passport, gone, clothes gone.’

Getting emotional, Julie added: ‘I’m 70 now…I just don’t know what to do…I’m thinking, how long have I got?’

Deidre strongly urged the caller not to ‘carry on putting up with this’, slamming the husband’s behaviour as ‘appalling’.

‘Of course what your husband is doing is your concern and funneling out hundreds of pounds of family income – that is terrible.’

While Julie clarified that the money isn’t taken out of a joint account, it is unclear what the pair’s financial situation is.

Phillip was disgusted at the situation, slamming what he thought was clearly infidelity.

‘He’s got someone else,’ the host said. ‘He’s going to Thailand to see someone else – male or female.’

‘Or several people,’ Deidre added.

And Twitter was equally horrified at Julie’s story, with many urging her to ‘change the locks’ or ‘see a solicitor’.

‘I think we know why he’s going to Thailand Julie,’ one user penned.

‘It might be difficult at 70 but my God Julie,’ another remarked. ‘Locks changed next time he’s away. He’s an absolute d**k.’

‘Leave him now Julie,’ a third person urged.

Another simply added: ‘Oh Julie ffs.’

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