An 18-year-old teen revealed that her estranged father wants to give her name to his new baby.

The girl, named Roseanne, believed to be from the US, revealed on Reddit’s Am I The A******? that because she has her father’s name, she and the baby would have the exact same name.

She added that she is not thrilled with the idea, but was scolded by her step-mother and her father for being ‘selfish’ and ‘gatekeeping a name.’

She added that her father, who is not present in her life, had admitted to her that she was a ‘mistake,’ which made her feel like he wanted to ‘replace her,’ by giving her name to his new child.

People sympathized with her and slammed her estranged dad for the move, agreeing he was seeing the new child as a ‘do-over.’

The post was originally written by Roseanne two years ago, but has resurfaced online.

In it, the 18-year-old explained she never had a close relationship with her father, and that her parents didn’t want to have children, but ended up having her by mistake.

While she was given her father’s surname, Roseanne revealed that he was no present in her life up until a year prior, and that she was currently living with him.

Her father remarried, and in the post, Roseanne explained that his new wife was pregnant with a baby girl, who was due to be born in June of that year, around her own birthday.

‘My dad is super excited about this baby which I guess is good but him and his wife want to name the baby Roseanne since her favourite flowers are roses. I don’t like the idea at all. It will be my exact name and surname,’ she wrote.

The woman added that while she usually went by ‘Ro’ or ‘Rosie,’ she still didn’t like the idea that her half-sister would have the same name as her.

She tried to resolve the issue by suggested similar name to her father and step-mother, but they didn’t go for any of her suggestions.

‘My step mom says that I’m being selfish because I’m “jealous” of my dad wanting this baby. My dad is upset at me and says I should be mature and not gatekeep a name,’ she added.

In a subsequent post, Roseanne added she felt her father was trying to replace her by giving the new baby her exact name.

‘I do feel like he is trying to replace me, her birthday will also be close to mine but I also feel like maybe I’m being too sensitive over the situation. Hopefully I’ll move in with my girlfriend soon so I won’t have to live with him ,’ she added.

After she shared her story, people sympathized with Roseanne and noted that her father was indeed acting as if he wanted to replace her.

‘It would be unfair to both you and the baby to have the same exact name. That’s incredibly weird that your dad would even think that’s a good idea,’ one said.

‘I agree with your judgement. The armchair psychologist in me says this new baby is a do-over kid for dad and by using OP’s name it’s like he can make up for the past. Problem for him is he can’t copy-pasta over childhood trauma,’ another said.

‘For real, I’d bail on that living situation if you can. It will only get worse before it gets better, if it gets better,’ another said.

‘Well, it’s his wife and he’s just an idiot but yeah… it’s not exactly lowkey, it pretty obvious and strange to anyone who knows your name too, It does seem like he wants a do over,’ one agreed.

‘I think it’s more about that her Dad is unfortunately ready now when he hadn’t been ready for her. New wife sounds terrible – what an awful thing to say to a child,’ one added.

‘I also would have changed the name plan no matter how much I loved it under the circumstance, but new wife clearly doesn’t care, and I suspect wishes that O[Roseanne] were not in the picture at all,’ they went on.

‘I think you unfortunately know what you have to do – not count on anything emotionally from your Dad. I hope you have love through your other relatives and close friends.’

‘It would be strange if they picked a similar name- Rosemary, Rosalind, Rosalyn, Rosetta, or Roisin (though I vote for Primrose or Briallen- which is also Primrose)- but the EXACT same name?,’ one added, bewildered.

‘It just sounds like your father knows one name and your stepmother can’t think for herself. And this kid is going to grow up not having her own name because it belonged to you first,’ one said.

‘Who names both of their children the same name? Bizarre. And bizarre that the girlfriend/wife wants that. Can you imagine when the kid grows up and people discover her parents named her the same as her older step sister,’ one wrote.

Some people said it should be illegal to give the same name to two siblings.

‘I can’t wrap my head around it. Where I live it is illegal to name siblings with at least one common parent exactly the same. That is crazy,’ one said.

Others suggested Roseanne should change her last name so it’d be different from her half-sister.

‘Tell them that you give your full support to them using the name, then go change your surname and never speak to them again,’ one said.

‘And this is a huge red flag about what’s your standing in your dad’s view. This naming highly suggests he’s seeing the baby as his chance to correct the mistakes he made with you. She’s to be your replacement. I honestly think you should start preparing to move out and be independent,’ one said.

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