A horrified mum wants to ban her daughter from seeing her friend again after the 11-year-old came home from a visit to her pal’s with several piercings.

The youngster spent the day with their neighbour and her teen friends before she arrived home with multiple ear piercings, completed by the teenagers.

The outraged mum explained that she previously trusted the neighbour her daughter visited as they are well-known to the family. However, she was a ‘little reluctant’ to let her child spend time with their daughter, 13, as she had invited two older friends, aged 14 and 15.

Unfortunately, her fears were ‘proven correct’, on account of her daughter’s new jewellery. While she said the youngster previously had a pair of ear piercings, she has ‘never expressed interest’ in getting more. “It is very uncharacteristic for my daughter to do such a thing,” the mum wrote.

Understandably, the mum was shocked, as she wrote on Reddit: “I have many concerns around hygiene, removing the piercings but mainly how easily my daughter was influenced by the older girls to do something so stupid. She is also too young to make what I consider a permanent decision and she may also regret the piercings later.”

She added: “Now has her ears all blinged out with 7 in one ear and 3 in the other. I am very shocked that she did all those piercings and suspect she was likely influenced by peer pressure.”

As such, her post revealed she is now “considering banning my daughter from spending time with our neighbour’s daughter but not sure if that is a good idea when they are close friends.” In response, commenters were quick to share their concern over the story – and reassure the mum her reaction was appropriate.

“She went in with 2 piercings and came back with 10??? Done by teens? Not ok at all,” read one reply. Someone else thought: “I would be taking all of them out and talking to her about standing up for herself and peer pressure. I would be p****d at the neighbor’s for not noticing that s**t was happening and wouldn’t trust them.”

Meanwhile, another commenter advised: “Poor girl. That must of really hurt. I really don’t like those other girls. They mistreated your daughter. Call those parents and she’s not allowed to be around them, or at least not unsupervised. Get the piercings taken out and a trip to the pediatrician.”

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