SHE went all out for her daughter’s third birthday party – hiring a soft play area, ordering in pizza and splashing out on a Frozen cake.

But Breanna Strong was left devastated when none of the 27 children she’d invited to little Avery’s birthday bash failed to turn up.

She took to TikTok to share a video, in which she showed her daughter eating a slice of pizza while sitting at a table alone.

“We invited 27 kids to Avery’s third birthday party,” Breanna wrote over her video.

“Not a single one of her friends turned up.”

After throwing a pizza box into the bin, she added: “Money and time wasted.

“Breaks my momma heart so bad.

“Literally going to go home and snuggle my babies.”

Breanna captioned her video: “I wish I was making this up.”

People were quick to empathise in the comments section, with one writing: “This is a rule at my house.

“If we are invited, we’re GOING! We have been the only one that shows up.

“So sad this happens I’m so sorry.”

“This happened to me on my 16th bday,” another wrote.

“Never had tried again until I was like 26 and it happened again.

“I’m 39, now I always treat myself to a spa day.”

“We don’t do parties anymore,” someone else commented.

“All the money we would have spent on it goes to what the birthday kid wants.”

“Oh man,” another added.

“This happened for my son’s 8th birthday and I lied and I told him it was my fault so he wouldn’t feel bad.”

To which Breanna replied: “It’s not fair. My heart literally hurts.”

She added in response to another comment: “There was a planned event on Facebook.

“Seven families said they were coming and three changed their rsvp this morning and others didn’t show.


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