RUBY Tuesday Matthews decided to shave her baby girls head in a bid to make it grow ‘quicker’ and ‘thicker’.

Ruby Matthews is a social media star, from Byron Bay in Australia with 236,000 Instagram followers.


Ruby Tuesday Matthews gave birth to her daughter Holiday in September this year.

Ruby, and her fiancé Shannan Dodd, shared on instgram that can’t wait to celebrate “Holiday’s first holiday”.

She shared her excitement on Instagram with an adorable picture of Holiday in a pink baby grow.

The Australian influencer also revealed she has shaved her baby girls hair before Christmas.

Three months after the little girl’s birth.

Ruby shared a video of Holiday with her freshly shaved head online.

She said: “Look at her little shave head.”

Her son replied: “No I don’t like that.”

The mum of three said: “My kids are born with dark hair that looks crazy patchy. I find shaving it makes it grow faster, thicker and so much more even.”

Ruby said the method has apparently worked just as well on her sons Rocket, five, and Mars, four.

Ruby isn’t the first to do this it common practice in many cultures to shave a baby’s hair right after birth or in the first few months of life.

Whilst many followers were confused as to Ruby’s method she revealed other parents had reached out saying they used the same method.

Ruby revealed she was sent positive and encouraging messaged from other parents.

Ruby said: “So it turns out a lot of you have done the same.”

One commenter said: “I did this to my daughter for the same reason and it works amazingly. Does absolutely look horrible for a few weeks but well worth it.”

A second commenter said: “This is 100% a thing! Italians do it all the time!

A third commenter said: “It’s very common in many cultures. I shave all of my kids heads. And grandkids. They all have amazing heads of thick beautiful hair.”

And another parent commented: “I did this too and everyone lost their mind. But I’m a hairdresser and it actually works.”


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