Giving birth is an incredible experience — after all, there’s a reason it’s called the “miracle of birth.” And these days, there are a large number of different ways to deliver a baby, from cesarean section to epidural-free births and even home water births.

But one mother named Josy Peukert delivered her fourth child in Feb. 2022 in a way that was uniquely her own. Peukert, who hails from Germany but is based in Nicaragua, decided she wanted to deliver her baby outside of a hospital and in nature, specifically, the Pacific Ocean.

Peukert delivered a healthy baby boy named Bodhi Amor Ocean with the help of her husband, Benni Cornelius. When it was time for their son to arrive, Peukert left her other three children with a friend and she and Cornelius drove to the beach, equipped with a birthing kit that consisted of towels, gauze, paper towels and a bowl with a sieve that was intended to catch the placenta.

The mother opened up to The Mirror about her motivations for the rather unique delivery. She said, “I got this idea in my head I wanted to give birth in the ocean and because the conditions were right on the day that’s what I did.” She added, “The waves had the same rhythm as the contractions, that smooth flow made me feel really good.”

Peukert told the publication about what happened after she had delivered her son:

“After Bodhi was born and wrapped up in towels I went back into the ocean to freshen up. Then I got dressed and we packed everything up and drove home where the three of us got straight into bed.”


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