ZAPOPAN, MEXICO: Luz Raquel Padilla, 35, was burnt alive by her neighbors on July 16, 2022. Her attackers had doused her with alcohol before setting her ablaze. The victim died in Guadalajara, Mexico, three days after she sustained the burn injuries that affected 90 per cent of her body.

Ongoing investigations revealed that Padilla had filed a complaint against her neighbors, who had spray-painted death threats on her apartment’s walls in May 2022. She also tweeted about the potential attack that awaited her and uploaded a video on TikTok.

The Jalisco Prosecutor’s Office will be investigating the case under femicide protocol. They also acknowledged that Padilla had indeed filed a complaint on accounts of “problems related to neighborhood coexistence” months before the attack took place. However, whether or not the person who had made the threats was present at the location where Padilla was attacked is yet to be confirmed.

State prosecutor Luis Joaquín Méndez said they had called one of the neighbors, who has not been identified as a direct aggressor, to give his statement and collect multiple versions of the story. He added that Padilla’s 11-year-old son is with his grandmother and aunt.

Her son, who has severe autism, often made loud noises in his “moments of crisis”, which seemed to have ticked off the neighbors. The act of rage, some Mexican reports say, was because the neighbors were annoyed at her son. However, others report say that it was because Padilla had a problem with them playing loud music which further triggered her son and was not good for him. Specific social media posts also suggest that one of the main attackers of the woman was her ex-partner, as per Excelsior, who also died after the attack.

On May 17, Padilla posted offensive and threatening graffiti which was sprayed on her wall on her Twitter. One read, “Te vas a morir machorra (You’re going to die, machorra),” while the other said, “Te vas a morir machorra (I’m going to burn you alive).”

Padilla was a member of the #YoCuidoMexico organization, which aims to promote “a structural and consistent reform in Mexico to face the present and future challenges experienced by people who require care and those who provide it, either unpaid or paid.”

Her tweet (translated to English) read, “Until when am I going to have to live in fear that something might happen to me and my family and my aggressor is still wandering around the city with the danger of continuing to hurt #justice #nomasviolencia #noquieromorir #help.”


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