A mother has gone back to work just five days after giving birth after revealing that she was desperate to get back to her job.

Being a new parent is a tough but rewarding job. The loss of sleep, social life, and free time all seem to be worth it when taking care of your new offspring.

One thing that often goes hand in hand with having a child is time off work, be that for the mother or father, but naturally, the individual giving birth will need some recovery time.

Maternity or paternity leave isn’t a holiday though and looking after a newborn can often be more stressful than work, leaving people desperate to get back to their job.

Jaelyn Cox, 29, gave birth to her second child and couldn’t wait to get back to work – which she did just five days after her new daughter was born.


As reported by The Sun, the mother-of-two works as a dancer at a strip club and also runs an OnlyFans account.

Clearly quite a lucrative business, the model makes a significant amount of money from her employment and was desperate to get back to it after having her latest child.

It would appear that not everybody was happy with her decision, as her boyfriend was “raging” and informed her that she needed to rest, but Jaelyn wasn’t having any of it.

“I was back on the hustle five days after giving birth,” she told The Sun. “My boyfriend’s been doing most of the night feeds. So I can make the money during the night and he does the babysitting.”

The Scottish mother admitted that she got some funny looks while wearing certain outfits when she was expecting. But she actually made more money while pregnant, as her clients didn’t seem to mind.

Despite criticism, Jaelyn declared that working as an OnlyFans model during the day gives her flexibility to be a parent, as well as earning up to £800 ($950) a night while working at the strip club.

Her choices were met with a mixed response online, but people rushed to support the mother-of-two, with one person saying: “I think its great that you have the confidence to do that and your baby has a great dad who is supportive of your work it means you can make a good life for your family best of luck to you.”

A second added: “Your life and you doing it to support your family and your there with your kids and hubby is on board with everything, Good luck to yous hope yous have a great life and ignore all the haters [sic].”

Though some did question how she had the energy to work five days after giving birth, which seems like a valid thing to ask.

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