In February 2013, 23-year-old student Neala Frye went missing after a night spent hanging out with her friends at a local college bar.

Surveillance footage captured the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse student leaving the bar and stepping outside in the brutally cold winter weather.

But when Neala failed to show up for work the next morning, a tireless search effort ensued.

After a daylong search and rescue effort, police located Neala’s body in a ditch, frozen to the ground. She died of hypothermia due to “exposure to environmental cold.”

It’s been nine years since Neala’s tragic and untimely death — and her grieving mother, Roxanne Weeden, is still determined to prevent something like this from happening to others.

Roxanne says her daughter was wearing a jacket on the brutally cold night she died, but it wasn’t a proper winter coat.

As you’re about to learn, it’s not at all uncommon for college students to purposely wear the wrong outerwear when going out to socialize, even in the coldest and most dangerous temperatures.

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