A mother has sparked a debate online after sharing videos of her six-month-old baby eating a bloody steak, and it’s safe to say some people aren’t happy.

There seems to be a constant debate about what infants should and should not be eating, with different generations and cultures having various ways of raising their kids.

One thing that seems to be widely agreed upon is the need for milk from the mother or other sources during the first stage of life.

Transitioning onto solid foods is a big step in a baby’s life, with most parents opting for mushed-up vegetables or something along those lines – but one mother decided to cut out the middle man and handed her baby a chunk of steak.

TikTok user Katie (@mrskatieharley) shared a video that has since been viewed over 200,000 times where her six-month-old child happily chews on a steak.


The caption reads: “People loooove [sic] giving parenting advice to people who didn’t ask,” and the text on the video thanks all the people who have criticized the mother’s parenting methods for viewing the video.

Naturally, seeing a baby eat a chunk of rare steak is quite bizarre, but that’s not to say that it didn’t go without praise.

One concerned viewer said: “Cool but you should probably cook it a bit more she’s a baby…no hate,” while others added that the steak posed a choking risk.

Though it appears that many people support the mother’s decisions, and judging by the comments it seems that quite a few people give their children steak from an early age.

“It’s good for them and encourages jaw development and strength,” one person said, with another adding: “Finally another mom that does this !!! My baby was underweight at 4 months old and refused baby food and her doctor told me to try regular food.”

The mother posted a follow-up video of her baby one year on from the viral video, and it would appear that the infant still enjoys chowing down on a juicy steak.

Would you let your child eat this at such an early age? Let us know in the comments!


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