A mom-of-three has been slammed for allowing her nine-year-old daughter to get her nose pierced, sparking furious debate about what an acceptable age is for a child to have a face piercing.

Meagan Black, 28, from Illinois, posted a video showing her daughter Bella, nine, sporting a gold hoop on her nose – causing many social media users to brand the 28-ear-old as a ‘bad mom’.

In a series of viral videos, the mom-of-three clapped back at the troll who questioned if she or her daughter were ‘on drugs’, claiming that the piercing was just her way of letting her child ‘express herself.’

Her videos have received extremely mixed reviews, with many users criticizing the mom for allowing her child to get a piercing at an age ‘far too young’, while others explained the piercing wasn’t a ‘big deal’ because it can just be ‘taken out.’


Many questioned if the piercing was ‘fake.’

Megan explained that she allowed Bella to get the piercing because her daughter ‘does not like earrings’ and because ‘all she wanted was her nose pierced.’

She went on to explain that there was ‘no age restriction’ when she took Bella to get her nose pierced since she had ‘parent consent.’

Megan – who has many piercings and tattoos herself – was also accused of ‘forcing’ Bella to get the piercing, to which the nine-year-old responded, ‘I wanted it.’

According to the National Conference of State Legislatures, minors, or anyone under the age of 18 in the state of Illinois can receive a piercing with parental consent.

Although the piercing was legal, many users still chimed in to blast the mom for giving the okay, especially because at the age of nine, a child’s nose is still ‘growing.’

According to Very Well Health, the nose stops growing at the age of 12.

Many users also questioned how Bella attended school with the piercing.

Meagan explained that Bella goes to a public school, before adding that the school is ‘fine’ with her having her nose pierced and that they ‘haven’t said a thing.’

Despite her numerous explanations, users were still quick to slam the mom-of-three for her ‘bad’ parenting.

One user said: ‘That is a kid, why does she have a nose ring?’

Another added: ‘She needs help away from you two.’

One user commented: ‘She is way to young to have a nose piercing!’

‘I got a nose piercing myself but nine is a bit too early because the nose hasn’t fully grown yet,’ said one user.

And while many slammed the mom, others were quick to come to her defense and said the piercing was ‘cute.’

And while many slammed the mom, others were quick to come to her defense and said the piercing was ‘cute.’

One user said: ‘I don’t think she’s a bad mom who cares she can do what she wants with her daughter it’s not our business.’

‘I think it’s literally so cute. It’s like self expression,’ commented another user.

Another user added: ‘I love the nose ring she looks so cute.’

‘It looks so good on her,’ said another user.

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