Parents and kids usually have very different concerns, fears, and wants when it comes to birthdays. Birthday parties, however, hold a universal concern and fear. Neither parent nor child want to throw a kid’s birthday party and have no one show up. It’s heartbreaking for the child and their parent watching, right? It recently happened to the Mazzini family, but they ended up having the last smile.

It was Teddy Mazzini‘s sixth birthday, and 32 of his classmates had been invited to a pizza party in his honor. What should’ve been a day of fun and celebration in Tucson, Arizona quickly turned disastrous.

No one that was invited showed up, and only one parent had called to make their excuses and apologies. Teddy was left sitting alone and frowning against a long empty table with dozens of pieces of uneaten birthday pizza.
Sil Mazzini, Teddy’s mom, angrily took to Facebook to share photos of her son’s heartbreak. It wasn’t long before the pictures of this adorable, yet very sad, little fella went viral. All the shares and media attention brought Teddy’s story to the footsteps of the NBA Phoenix Suns and MLS Phoenix Rising teams, and they set out for Teddy to have a birthday he’d never forget.

The Thursday after Teddy’s party, the Phoenix Suns had Teddy and his dad come to their game against the Lakers. They treated Teddy like a real MVP. Smiling brighter than the sun itself, Teddy gave each Phoenix player a high five on their way to the court.

He got to spend some time with some of the players, and he watched the game from the best seat in the house.

Thanks to the team, Teddy’s birthday party went from zero attendees to thousands.

What started as what could’ve been his worst birthday became one he’d likely never recall without a smile.

Have you or your child ever been left sitting alone at your birthday party? Tell us your thoughts, stories, and insights in the comment section. Don’t forget that passing along moving and inspiring stories to others helps brings them to light.

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