She says it’s for safety. What do you think?

Many parents talk about the best ways to keep their children safe. From child seats in vehicles to outlet covers in the home, parents will go out of their way to ensure that their children can avoid harm and danger. But one safety measure has been hotly debated and one mother speaks up to defend it.

Desiree Hoye’s photo and statement causes debate

Desiree Hoye has come under discussion after she shared photos and testimony with Love What Matters about why she keeps her child on a backpack leash. She starts her story by admitting that there was a time when she would say:

“Before I became a mom I would have been the person that said, ‘I will NEVER put my child on a leash, he’s not a dog!’

Things change and children need protection

But as time went on, Hoye noticed a developing trend in the news. Every year saw new stories of tragedies that could have been avoided if young children didn’t get away from their parents. She said that over 2,000 children go missing every day from accidents involving animal enclosures to abductions that can happen in seconds.

Desiree Hoye questions criticism to her choice

Considering these threats, Hoye questions if parents and guardians can really blame her for wanting that extra layer of security for her child. She points to how prone younger children are to wandering off on their own and the panic that comes from a missing child as more than a good reason to keep her child on a leash.

Why adults might not approve of leashes

As Hoye said:

“‘I had someone comment today, ‘Look at her putting her kid on a leash…how terrible.’”

Critics share concerns over whether harnesses are actually safe for children. Physically, there hasn’t been conclusive evidence that children have been injured by proper use of harnesses. But likewise there isn’t definite evidence that harnesses and leashes prevent child injury leaving it a personal choice. Some critics are concerned with the psychological aspects, especially when children notice dubious stares or associate leashes with pets.

Desiree Hoye chooses safety

Even considering the risks, parents like Hoye consider leashes to be worth it. Angry stares or nasty comments from others does not affect their decision to take an extra step to protect their children. As Hoye says:

“Today and every day, I choose safety because I love my children more than anything in this entire world. I will gladly take a few awkward looks from strangers over never seeing his precious face again.”

Things to consider before trying leashes

The choice between using and not using a child-leash is ultimately a personal one. But, if you are considering child-leashes, then here are a few things to consider.

  • Choose harnesses or backpack style leashes. Wrist or hand-hold leashes require child cooperation which can lead to problems.
  • Make sure you read instructions carefully. Proper use of a harness or backpack prevents unnecessary risk of injury.
  • Make sure the harness or backpack fits properly. It shouldn’t be too tight to be comfortable nor too loose to be reliable.
  • Keep an eye out for recalls with the Consumer Product Safety Commission. Also be sure to check reviews from other parents and guardians.



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