Millionaire business trainer Mark Harvey states his controversial opinion about people with a “poor background” in Rich House, Poor House.

The Channel 5 series Rich House, Poor House, takes two families from opposite ends of the wealth divide and sees them swap homes, budgets and lives for seven days to find out how the other half lives.

In this Sunday’s episode, millionaire business trainer Mark Harvey and his family swap homes and lives with Billie Thompson and mum Deb.

Mark started out with next to nothing, working odd jobs for his builder Dad, but his ambition drew him into sales and his career rocketed.

Now he has a property portfolio worth millions and hundreds of dedicated followers flock to his training seminars.

Billie’s life could not be more opposite.

Bringing up two children on her own she is thousands in debt and survives by dipping into cleaner Deb’s hard-earned savings.

In Mark’s intro, he reveals his unique morning routine after waking up at 4am as well as his interests in tarot cards and healing crystals.

He says: “I wake up at 4am and I meditate purify my space, my mind and my body then I will stretch out and do some yoga…

“Then I jump straight into the ice bath. This is beautiful for the physical body but I find it’s benefits the mind.”

He then adds: “This could be controversial but I am a big believer that if you are born into a poor background it’s not your fault but if you stay there… it is your fault.”

The families are in for a shock when they find out their spending money for the week.

Mark is shocked to learn his budget is £52.31 saying: “That’s less than £10 each,” then addresses baby son Theo, “you’re going on a diet.”

Meanwhile, Billie is overjoyed to find her budget for the week is £1750.

She is so happy that she takes the money and throws it in the air.

At the end of the week will each family discover they have much in common, however different their financial circumstances?

Or will they learn that in fact money, more than class, race or gender is the thing that divides us?


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