Miley Cyrus danced away her heartbreak with 14 shirtless men in a steamy music video for her new track River, two years after her divorce from Liam Hemsworth, who she dated on and off for almost 10 years.

While singing about rebounding from a past relationship, the Wrecking Ball singer, 30, showed off her incredible dance moves in a black halter minidress as rain poured down on her and her backup dancers gyrated to her music.

As lights flashed around the Grammy nominee began to sing: ‘Heart beats so loud that it’s drowning me out/Living in an April shower/You’re pouring down, baby. Drowning me out/You’re just like a river/You go on forever.’

The black and white footage then panned to the Black Mirror actress surrounded by a group of hunky guys as water fell down on them and splashed their sides.

Cyrus goes on to croon about not being to ‘stop from thinking’ about meeting a partner that would ‘have the honor of my babies.’

The daughter of country music veteran Billy Ray Cyrus, who identifies as pansexual, then gushes that she hopes their future children have his or her ‘eyes and that crooked smile.’

She then admits to being in a ‘drought’ before embarking in her next romance, which may be a nod to her new relationship with musician Maxx Morando.

On Wednesday, she posted a video of herself explaining the meaning behind her song, River, which she said was written at a time when she was ‘going through just a lot emotionally and personally.’

‘I guess all my songs kind of evolve. They can start as something that was a trouble… like it just feels like it’s an April shower,’ Cyrus said. ‘It never stops raining. And then it started raining down like love.’

The performer continued: ‘Sometimes we just need a dancefloor banger, aka they don’t want me to talk about how the fact the song is about [bleep]. It’s [bleeping] nasty. It’s nasty.’

The music video coincided with the release of her album, Endless Summer Vacation, which features collabs with Brandi Carlile and Sia.

Hot on the heels of the success of her record-breaking track, Flowers, which broke Spotify’s one-week streaming record last month, the pop sensation announced that she and Carlile, 41, joined forces on a song titled Thousand Miles.

Her collaboration with Australian singer-songwriter Sia, 47, is called Muddy Feet.

The rest of the song names include Jaded, Rose Colored Lenses, You, Handstand, River, Violet Chemistry, Wildcard, Island and Wonder Woman.

The two-time Grammy nominee announced dropped the album’s first single Flowers on January 13 – the same day as her ex-husband Liam Hemsworth’s 33rd birthday.

Flowers soared to the top of the Billboard Hot 100 songs in its debut week after Taylor Swift’s Anti-Hero had eight weeks at number one.

The former Disney star sold an impressive 70,000 of the track in its first full week which continues to grow.

It has been nine years since Miley had a Hot 100 No. 1, with Wrecking Ball in September 2013.

The pop song’s lyrics allude to her failed relationship with the actor including a double entendre about Miley watching her marriage and the Malibu home they once shared ‘burn’ to the ground.

‘We were right / til we weren’t / built a home and watched it burn,’ she sings.

In November 2018, their home was completely destroyed as a result of the devastating Woolsey Fire.

They wed a month later but split after less than a year in August 2019.

The pair dated on/off for nearly a decade after meeting on set of their film, The Last Song (2010), when Miley was 17 and Liam was 19.

But now, Miley is the symbol of self love as she belts out: ‘I can buy myself flowers / Write my name in the sand / Talk to myself for hours / See things you don’t understand.’

The music video for the song begins with footage of the Los Angeles skyline at dusk before the camera pans to Cyrus in a glimmering gold dress with a hood and sexy stomach cut-out.

Going from somber to upbeat, Miley rips off her dress’ hood and ties her hair up while trekking across LA’s Runyon Canyon in a pair of sky-high heels for the remainder of the chorus.

She continues: ‘I can take myself dancing / I can hold my own hand / Yeah, I can love me better than / Yeah, I can love me better than you can’

Miley climbs up a paved road with a spring in her step before the video cuts to footage of the star in the backyard of her sprawling Studio City home.

She strips off her designer dress and proceeds to dance on the lawn in black lingerie as sprinklers spray over her.

The Angels Like You hitmaker takes an impressive dive into her resort-style pool and swims towards the shallow end.

She then appears with her gym-honed physique sprawled out on the pool’s ledge, giving viewers a closer look at her lacy black bra and panties.

Miley’s hair is soaking wet and brushed off her face while she seductively caresses her figure for the song’s second verse: ‘Paint my nails, cherry red / Match the roses that you left / No remorse, no regret / I forget every word you said.’

It jumps into the chorus with footage of Miley, still clad in her black two-piece, showing off her intense fitness regimen that includes battle rope exercises, resistance training and some very suggestive hip thrusts.

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