It’s hard to keep up with all the GLORIOUS chaos Elon Musk is creating on Twitter. Elon endorsing voting for all Republicans during the midterms yesterday set a gold standard. We missed this a few days ago with Mark Ruffalo, who is a choad. Of all the dumb actors with obnoxious political opinions, Ruffalo ranks in the top five. He tried caping for social media influencer Rep. AOC in her one-sided feud against Elon Musk, but Musk was the one who said “puny human.”

To recap, Elon announced he would let anyone get verified with a blue checkmark for $8 a month.

Social media influencer Rep. AOC got emotional over normies having the same status as she did. She also didn’t realize the “free” in “free speech” stands for “freedom” and not money. Odd, since the social media influencer has a side hustle as a member of Congress. Elon responded and made her look stupid. Rep. AOC claimed without evidence that her Twitter account was broken as a result.

Here comes Ruffalo to rescue, kinda.

Three issues with Ruffalo derping in 280 characters or less. 1. Elon Musk “destroyed his credibility” the minute he expressed a single viewpoint that elitist progressives disagreed with, and it started during the pandemic. 2. The only ones who think it’s “not a good look” are those same elitist progressives Musk now knows were never his friends. 3. Rep. AOC is a drama queen who lies a lot.


Ruffalo went on about “robust filters for dis/misinformation & credible verified users” as defined by his political worldview. And I agree, kinda. Twitter’s “Birdwatch” system (or “Community Notes”) where users are fact-checking the misinformation spread by the left should be more robust.

Think about the first time Birdwatch/Community Notes fact-checks social media influencer Rep. AOC. Her meltdown will be glorious and she will never calm down about it.

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