Two passengers clashed onboard a long flight because of the smell and meal choice of a man who was left hungry by the small cracker snack offering from the airline

A man risked the wrath of a fellow plane passenger and the internet by refusing to stop eating a burger.

The patty and bun enthusiast was on an eight hour flight on which he was served just two small cracker packs to keep him going.

In order to keep his strength up, he decided to order some food during his stop-over, having only enough time to buy it and then run back to the departure gate.

“I checked with the gate agent to see if I can bring food onboard and she happily reassured me that I could. I went and got a burger, fries, and a drink,” the passenger recalled on Reddit.

“When I was allowed to put the tray down, I did and started to eat.

“This is when the lady sitting next to me told me she doesn’t eat meat or fried foods and the smell of my burger and fries are making her sick.”

At first the man “ignored” the woman and kept on eating, but she “complained louder”, he claimed.

“I finally told her I bought the food after checking with the gate agent and I’m hungry so she’s out of luck,” he continued.

“She called the flight attendant and was told that I’m well within my rights to eat food that was bought at the airport.

“I know I’m right when it comes to the airline rules but the food is pungent in an enclosed area and she’s still glaring at me.”

The man turned to the internet to ask others whether his behaviour was out of line, where the majority of people backed him up.

“This is a plane, not this woman’s personal living room,” one person wrote.

“I cannot believe how rude some people are on planes – she needs to fly private if she wants it 100% to her demanding standards.

“Go ahead and eat. Say ‘mmmmm’ and offer her a fry.”

Another chimed in: “Public transportation sucks, but eating on a plane is normal and acceptable so unfortunately it was her thing to deal with.

“It’s not like you can easily wait until you land to eat cold mushy food.”

A third commenter made the comical suggestion that the woman should have booked herself onto a flight for plant based people.

“She’s trying to push her way of life onto (the original poster),” they wrote. “Maybe she should have asked for a vegan flight instead.”

One person directed attention towards the policy of the airline.

“I don’t love smelling fast food on planes, but that’s what happens when they’re so stingey with onboard snacks,” they commented.

A small number of people empathised with the woman for having to endure the smell for the duration of her flight.

“It’s generally considered bad practice to bring hot food onto a plane for this reason,” one person reason.

“Sure, you shouldn’t have to be hungry for an eight hour flight. Nobody on the plane should have to sit for eight hours in an enclosed space with a smell that makes them nauseous either – and voicing a complaint doesn’t make someone an asshole.”

Another noted: “I wouldn’t want someone gobbling down a smelly, sweaty burger next to me on a plane either.”


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