A man was recently enjoying his day on a boat when he got a big surprise. He pulled out his phone to take a selfie and quickly realized that he had acquired a new friend, as a seal had popped up out of the water onto his boat. The seal cuddled right up behind him and put his face over his shoulder, which truly looked like the seal was trying to get in on the picture.

The man decided that he would take a video instead of a photo, so he switched the camera to video mode and captured the entire encounter. The seal sat there on the boat with the man and looked like he simply wanted to share a moment with the man.

After seeing the video, it looks like the seal simply wanted to hang out with the man, but it really makes you wonder what may have been lurking in the water under the boat. Many times seals will jump onto a boat if they are in fear of a shark, which may have been the case in this picture.

However, one of the things that is interesting about this video is the fact that they are so close to shore. The boat is essentially docked on the sand, while only sitting about fifteen feet offshore. This makes it fairly hard to believe that a shark would have been lurking in the depths, but you never know.

This type of behavior may also indicate that the seal was injured in some way, but it really doesn’t appear like anything is wrong with the seal in the video.

It is fairly uncommon for a seal to be this interactive with a human, although seals tend to be pretty comfortable with people in general. There is also a fairly good chance that the seal simply wanted an easy meal.

He may have thought that the man had caught some fish and thought that he was going to get a handout. Either way, the video captured an encounter that doesn’t happen all that often. The video of the seal hopping on the boat to take a selfie has gone viral and has been shared a ton of times on social media.


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