Sammy and Miles met in college and almost immediately fell in love. The two got married and had a child, and then Sammy opened up to Miles about something monumental: Sammy was ready to transition.

These days, Sammy identifies as transmasculine and nonbinary and has been taking hormone treatment for at least half a year. Miles has supported Sammy the entire time, and now the pair are supporting their child, Hazel, who was born female and now refers to himself as male.

Miles explained that Sammy is the one for him no matter what. As he put it, “He’s a completely different person but I fell in love with him as him, not how he looked like.”

The pair have also been very supported by their friends in their hometown of St. Cloud, Minnesota, but they have sadly lost touch with a few family members.

As for their child, Hazel, Sammy says that they are simply letting Hazel establish and explore himself. He explains, “I have not projected any of my experience onto Hazel. What I have done is to provide a healthy example of a role model.”

You can find out more about the family of three in the video!

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