A US Tiktoker has shared how his wife called him to ask what a mystery symbol illuminated on the dashboard of their vehicle was after it refused to start – saying it showed ‘a person on the toilet’.

Jett Wade, who has more than 114,000 followers on the social media platform, shared the comedy moment after he asked his wife to send him a photograph of the lit-up sign – because her description of what it was left him baffled.

When he saw the image, he realised it was actually the temperature gauge she was looking at…but the freezing -4° weather meant that it also looked very much like a person using the bathroom.

Sharing with his followers he wrote: ‘My wife messaged me to say her car wasn’t starting and that the dash was showing a sign of a person on the toilet.

‘Confused, I asked her to send me a photo…’

He shared a snap of himself looking exasperated after receiving the picture.

@Michelleedward491 wrote: ‘In her defense it does look like that’.

@Jay added: ‘Once you see it you can’t unsee it’.

@melis_ozz20 agreed, saying: ‘I’m confused I also see someone sitting on the toilet’.

Another added they had to ‘unblink my eyes until I could unsee it’.


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