An old video of Madison Beer saying it’s wrong for boys to like other girls’ pictures in a relationship is going viral on TikTok.

Every relationship has its own unique set of rules. For some people, flirting with other people is fine, for other’s it’s a no-go. Some couples are strictly monogamous, others are open. Then there are people who have strict dos and don’ts whenever they’re dating someone. There’s no one way. All that matters is that everyone in the relationship is on the same page.

Now, Madison Beer has divided the internet with some comments about like people’s Instagram photos in a relationship.

At the end of last month (Feb 26), Madison Beer fan account @madisonbeermb shared a snippet of an old David Dobrik and Madison Beer video on TikTok and it soon went viral and racked up over 500,000 views.

In the video, David asks Madison: “If you’re dating somebody and your boyfriend’s liking other girls’ pictures, like bikini pics, is this a problem?”

Madison then responds: “I think it’s a problem. I wouldn’t want my boyfriend’s name on another girl’s body pic. It’s a controversial topic.”

In the original interview, Madison added: “I’m super insecure. I’ve also been perpetuated [sic] trust issues my entire life and I feel like I’ve had boyfriends cheat on me before…I don’t trust anybody.”

Madison ended by saying: “It’s not even an insecurity thing, like a comparison thing, it’s just like a ‘you’re mine and I don’t want you looking at other people.'”

@madisonbeermb Madison Beer on liking IG models pics in a relationship #madisonbeer #fyp #foryoupage #relationship #daviddobrik ♬ original sound – Madison Beer

In the comments, many people agreed with Madison’s remarks. One person wrote: “IF MADISON BEER says this I CAN SAY IT”. Another wrote: “100% a red flag” and “It’s also so embarrassing for the gf like why is the bf liking so many. It’s not hard to not like a post.”

Madison even responded to one of the comments herself. A person wrote: “My high school boyfriend said he would rather break up than unfollow Madison Beer on Instagram”. Reacting, Madison replied: “stop r u fucking KIDDING ME. should i block him”.

What do you think? Is it wrong to like someone else’s pictures in a relationship?

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