Little girl with no dad can’t hide her excitement when uncle joins her during father-daughter dance

Once we have kids, we do not want to miss every milestone. Be it their first words, the first time they walk, or their first recital. These moments would only come once and are worth being cherished. We take it as a challenge to always be there for them through the good and bad days, for better or worse. Our kids may be a cause of stress sometimes (let’s admit it), but they are our world. They occupy that huge space in our hearts.

Showing up matters Showing up for them in their most significant moments is very important. Studies show that family members, most especially the parents, who show up contribute to a child’s overall well-being.

For one, it creates a positive view of themselves. Their self-image builds up as you show up in that recital or performance, cheer for them, and assure them that they did a great job. You’ll soon see how they would grow up confident with everything they do.

Showing up also gives them a sense of safety and security. When they perform on stage, a smile on your face or a grin assures them that they will do fine, and nothing could ruin their performance.

Uncle-Daughter dance

TikTok user @sheek_luv is a single mom to her daughter Laila. Her child’s school had this father-daughter performance, but she had one problem: she is a single mother. She didn’t want her child to feel left out and not perform just because she didn’t have a father.

This is where other family members showing up for a child would mean a lot for Laila and this proud TikTok mom. Her brother took place as her daughter’s father so they could perform the dance and killed it!

FUNcle material

@sheek_luv’s brother was definitely “funcle” (fun uncle) material, and they killed that performance. Every pop-lock-drop to the beat was outstandingly done. It clearly showed how his showing up for Laila gave the little girl such confidence. You can see it in the way she moved on that stage and the smile on her face. @sheek_luv stood there so grateful for her brother and proud of her daughter.

The duo brought in the fun and energy on that dance floor. The crowd loved it, and even people who saw the video couldn’t help but smile. Her video reached 2.8 million views, while Upworthy’s repost on their IG page reached almost 2 million views!

Showing positive attention

So, if you want to give that confidence and sense of safety and security to your child, here are a few things you can do:

  • Give them that reassuring smile. Smiling at them significantly boosts their confidence or gives them the strength and courage in whatever task they do.
  • Show interest in whatever they are doing, even if you don’t have any idea or if it seems silly to you.
  • Pay attention to when they talk and listen closely. You could pick up some ideas from anything they say, and remembering those little details can mean a lot to them.
  • Make time. There’s nothing more important than giving them an ounce of your time.

We hope that this TikTok video taught us a thing or two about the importance of showing up for our kids.