When doctors told a couple from Queensland, Australia, that one of their unborn twins was unwell, the parents feared the worst. However, when the little girl was born, she defied the odds and proved everyone wrong.

Christine McCoombes suffered many miscarriages during her journey to motherhood, but she remained optimistic. She was ecstatic when she discovered she was expecting twins.

However, fear and stress filled the room at her 20-week scan. The sonographer revealed the heartbreaking news that one of her unborn babies had a health condition that would impact her life severely.

The Twins Faced Health Complications

Christine and her husband were provided with all the potential outcomes of the journey ahead, including the worst-case scenarios—so much could go wrong with their baby girls. When they were born, both needed urgent medical assistance.

Born at 34 weeks, Jada and Hallee had health complications, and doctors quickly got to work. Jada’s issues were remedied, and she pulled through, but the medical team was worried about her sister.

A Grim Prognosis

Hallee was diagnosed with Spina Bifida, and her parents were devastated by the grim prognosis for her future. She was unlikely to walk, talk or live a normal life.

However, mom Christine soon realized little Hallee was a fighter, and nothing could hold her back. She was determined and passionate about being active, turning a deaf ear to doctors.

While doctors still put limitations on what young Hallee can achieve, she is a strong-willed girl who takes every challenge in her stride, never backing down and continuing to reach for the stars.

She Is Capable of Anything

Every day isn’t easy, and Hallee’s condition affects every aspect of her life. She struggles with her coordination and muscle movements. After surgeries, she also battles to get out of her wheelchair—but she finds the strength to rise every time.

The mother is in awe of her daughter’s perseverance and ability to keep doing the things people said she couldn’t. Christine shared:

“People are starting to see that she is capable of doing anything and everything.”

Having no feeling below her knees and in her waist, it is a miracle that Hallee can run. She relies on the vibrations she can feel in her body and refuses to sit still.

Her First Time Running Freely

The first time Hallee ran fast in 2020, everyone was in tears and overcome with emotion. Her mom expressed joy in seeing her little girl defy the odds and move freely.

She thanked GB Orthopaedics for their assistance and special sports boots for Hallee. She also shared videos of her precious daughter running in the new footgear, saying:

“Nothing has ever stopped her in the past and [I] look forward to seeing her excel in her sports going forward now. Definitely a day of tears all around.”

She Is a Record-Breaking Athlete

While doctors still put limitations on what young Hallee can achieve, she is a strong-willed girl who takes every challenge in her stride, never backing down and continuing to reach for the stars. Her mom proudly revealed:

“She does wheelchair tennis, cross country, triathlons, duathlons, aquathons, she gives everything a go. We are so proud of her.”

By the age of ten, the youngster had already achieved what many said was impossible. An Australian triathlete champion, Hallee’s parents couldn’t be prouder.

Impressively, she holds six national records in athletics in the 100, 200, 400, 800, and 1500 meters, and it’s only the beginning!

She Has Big Dreams for the Future

Hallee has big dreams for her future, and she hopes to showcase her talents at the 2028 Paralympics in Los Angeles. With the help of her support team, the sky is the limit for the brave girl!

Tim Harradine of Triathlon Australia also noted that the youngster’s determination got him out of bed daily and excited him about his work.

Comments like “you’ll never run” and “you can’t play sport” only motivated and encouraged the little warrior who proved everyone wrong. She stated: “When they say that, I don’t listen to them.”

Way to go, Hallee!

The youngster’s attitude and fighting spirit are inspiring and prove that nothing is impossible. We wish her a prosperous future with many more records. We’ll be looking out for her at the Paralympics come 2028!

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