A Bremen, Georgia, firefighter pulled all the stops to save his two-year-old son from drowning. After performing CPR for 30 minutes while waiting for the ambulance, the father gave his son a fighting chance.

Firefighter Josh Ingram and his family had just enjoyed a weekend at their Lakehouse in Oklahoma. The family is originally from Bremen, Georgia, so on the morning of Sunday, July 17, the short vacation ended, and it was time for the family to pack up and head back to reality.

Josh had brought his two-year-old son Briggs on the trip. He wandered nearby as his parents packed and loaded the car with their luggage.



However, what seemed like a perfect Sunday morning turned into a day filled with terror. It was not until Josh realized his son was no longer nearby that he saw his shirt floating in the lake.

The firefighter dove in as fast as he could and grabbed his son out of the water. The Georgia family did not know how long their son Briggs was in the water. Still, his father, who is professionally trained to save people’s lives, immediately started performing CPR on him.

According to Daniel Norton, a close friend and fellow firefighter, Josh performed CPR on his son for 30 minutes before the paramedics arrived. Norton said Briggs’ breathing started off slow, but he eventually became stable.


As time went by, Briggs started showing brain activity, and doctors had him on sedatives to keep him calm and rested. The family received support from their community rooting for Briggs’ recovery. At just two years old, Briggs had an entire fire department and people worldwide praying and hoping he would fight through.

What was supposed to be a relaxing weekend at the family’s lake house will now be a reminder of pain and turmoil.
The shock and trauma from Briggs’s accident can reportedly cause the brain to swlell: however, how much it swells determines the severity. Therefore, the Ingram family visited a specialist dealing with drowning victims to help them through the difficult time.


Briggs’s parents also hoped the doctor would be able to give them positive news about their son’s healing process. Briggs’s mother, Meshea Hurston Ingram, even shared a picture of their son with the caption: “I am realistic, I expect miracles.”


After five days of anticipating a full recovery for baby Briggs, the fire department announced that the two-year-old had lost his battle. The statement read.

“We are heartbroken for our brother firefighter and friend Captain Josh Ingram and his entire family for the loss of their son on Friday.”


On Friday, July 22, Briggs took his last breath, and what was supposed to be a relaxing weekend at the family’s lake house will now be a reminder of pain and turmoil.

The Ingram family is devastated by this loss and has asked for privacy as they mourn their son. However, they also appreciate the support the people of Bremen, Georgia, have given them.

The Bremen fire department set up a GoFundMe page for the Ingram family, and it has reached the unexpected amount of $20,000 to help with medical expenses and now the burial of their son.


Briggs’s mother, Meshea, shared another emotional post on Facebook to pay tribute to her son. The mother-of-two is keeping her faith strong despite the hardship that she has faced with her family. She wrote:

“Words are failing me, but God hasn’t… The heartache is insurmountable, but God is our refuge and strength.”

The Ingram family shared their painful journey with their social media friends, but the healing journey continues for them; however, Josh and Meshea have always appreciated the miracle of support that has come from this tragedy.


God has shown us so much love through our community, words aren’t even adequate to express our gratitude. From Firemen and First Responders all over the country, to UAB Children’s, to every church and individual who has prayed and believed with and for us, we could never say thank you enough. Thank you to everyone who has donated money, brought meals, sent texts, calls, and flowers, and for every visit. And finally, thank you to Hightower Family Funeral Homes for making this easier than it should have been. You lifted not only the financial burden, but thought for us when we couldn’t, kept us standing when we thought we wouldn’t be able to, and gave us so much comfort during the hardest trial of our life. God truly used y’all’s kindness and generosity to touch our hearts forever. We are so blessed by the outpouring of love shown by everyone in our community and even abroad. Please don’t lose hope. Keep the faith. We love you all.

Love, Josh and Meshea Ingram

Josh reshared his wife’s post with a few words that carried immense emotion and pain. The firefighter that had done all he could to rescue his son wrote, “I cannot find the words to say other than I Love You, Buddy.”


The Ingram family took this life experience to encourage parents to learn CPR as they have seen its importance. This knowledge that Josh had is what gave his two-year-old boy a fighting chance.

The importance of CPR has been shown through the Ingram family; although their title boy did not make it, CPR is what gave him a fighting chance despite the amount of water his body had retained. Norton also noted that CPR primarily works when performed immediately; therefore, we urge you to share the message with your loved ones so they can react accordingly should anything of this nature occur.


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