Washington mom, 41, reveals heartbreak of having to turn her own son, 17, into police after finding his chilling diary which ‘revealed plans to murder her and shoot up his school’ : She says he’s turned his life around and is planning to go to college

  • Nicole Schubert, 41, called police on own son in 2019 after she discovered the then 17-year-old’s journal was filled with a plan to commit a school shooting
  • He planned to carry out the shooting at his Washington school on the 21st anniversary of the Columbine shooting, and the first victim was to be his mother
  • She feels her decision to turn her son in saved not only the lives of others, but his life too
  • Though her son – now 20 – still remains upset with her, she said his life is back on track thanks to the intervention

A mother is opening up about the heart-wrenching experience of turning in her son who she suspected of plotting a Columbine-anniversary shooting at his high school.

Nicole Schubert, 41, called police on her own son in 2019 after she discovered the then 17-year-old’s journal was filled with a meticulously detailed plan to commit a mass murder at his Washington high school. The evil plan began with gunning his own mother down first.

In an emotional interview with Good Morning America, Schubert spoke about how she made the difficult to decision not just to save the lives of others but her own son’s too.

Though her son – now 20 – still remains upset with her, she said his life is back on track thanks to the intervention.

‘As hard as it was to turn him in, I don’t have any regrets,’ she told The Wall Street Journal last week.

Schubert shared her emotional story as the nation has been gripped by a wave of school and public shootings, one of which saw 19 elementary school children and two teachers brutally murdered in Uvalde, Texas.

Schubert described coming across her son’s journal in their home in September, 2019, where she found his violent plans laid out in careful detail.

‘It was very descriptive,’ she said, ‘It was just heartbreaking. I didn’t, I didn’t really want to know the details.’

In the journal, her son wrote about carrying out a shooting on April 20, 2020, on the 21st anniversary of the Columbine shooting, according to The Wall Street Journal.

He planned to begin his massacre at 5am that morning by murdering his mother and her boyfriend, and would begin shooting up his school at 12:20pm later that day.

‘Kill everyone possible, fight to the death or kill self after maximum damage has occurred,’ he wrote, according to a police report.

Several months before discovering the journal Schubert had found what appeared to be a pipe bomb and bomb making materials in the bedroom of her son, who she said was also fascinated by mass shooters.

After then finding the journal she said she carried it around with her for a day as she tried to decide what to do.

‘Your first instinct is, as a parent, is to protect your child. But at that point, I felt like if he is actually going to do these things, he would be safer in jail,’ Schubert told Good Morning America.

She also said she was moved to action thinking about her son’s random targets, many of whom she knew would be the children of friends and co-workers, and even kids she had once babysat.

‘It wasn’t just about me and him at that point,’ she said, ‘It was about a whole school – hundreds of people, hundreds of kids, children.’

She decided to turn her son in a few hours after finding the journal, and police arrested him when he came back from school that day.

While detaining him police recovered a knife with a six-inch blade he’d been carrying in his pocket. The police report shows he told an officer to ‘F*** off’ when they asked him if he understood his rights.

Her son plead guilty to two misdemeanors for harassment-domestic violence and a felony threat to bomb or injure property, though he maintained the contents of the journal were merely a fantastical story he’d written and not something he planned to actually do.

Barred from returning to his school, Schubert’s son received mental evaluation, was given 18 months of community supervision and 20 hours of community service.

Since his arrest he has received his high school degree, is seeking help for his depression, plans to go to college, and has no trouble with the law.

‘As hard as it was to turn him in, I don’t have any regrets,’ Schubert said.

Schubert said she hoped her story might empower others in her situation to make similar difficult decisions and save lives.

‘If there’s a possibility to save even one – one person, one child – I think it’s worth it,’ she told Good Morning America.

She also pleaded parents to stay vigilant for warning signs from their kids.

‘Stay in their business. Even if they don’t like it. They’re not going to like it. But as parents, it’s our job to know what our kids are doing,’ she said, ‘Just be aware and watch for signs. Kids will normally tell you by their actions when something is wrong.’

She said that though it remained devastating to learn that her son wanted to kill her, she still loves him.

‘That’s my child, I, I gave birth to him, you know. It hurts a lot. It still hurts,’ she said.

‘He’s my child. I love him unconditionally. I’ll always be there for him. I’ll always love him no matter what he does.’


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