Tiny Tattoos for Girls

We do love tattooed girls and no matter it is a tiny tattoo or a massive one covering the whole spine. While huge tattoos have social impact and not everyone is ready for such a dramatic change, tiny tattoo can be easily hidden. Anyway, tiny tattoos look fantastic on girls so why not to have one? Here are some awesome tiny tattoos for girls and ideas where to get a tiny tattoo


Tiny wrist tattoo can be considered is not the cutest at least one of the most beautiful tattoo styles for girls and boys. Whether you choose tiny minimalistic tattoo, flower tattoo, special symbol or a quote tattoo it will look fantastic on wrist.

More often the place is chosen for matching tattoos for friends and couples. Moreover, tiny wrist tattoo can be easily hidden under watch, bracelet or sleeve.



TINY FINGER TATTOOS: tiny tattoos for girls

Though finger tattoo is quite eye catching it still looks perfect on girl’s gentle finger. Finger tattoo should have special meaning for you as you are going to see it all day long. 2022 tattoos offer minimalistic finger tattoos like line works or dotworks. You can also go for tiny zodiac sign tattoo that will characterize your personality.
Keep in mind that if finger tattoo is placed on inner side of finger it will get faded soon so you should go for touch ups.


What can look more adorable than a tiny flower tattoo. Colorful or monochromatic tattoo decorates body in the best way so if you have no idea what kind of tattoo will be suitable for you just take a look at these colorful floral tattoos that can be tattooed on any part of body.

TINY FOOT TATTOOS: tiny tattoos for girls

Last but not least tattoo idea for girls is foot tattoo that can be perfectly hidden if needed. For foot tattoo you can choose any symbol that will be a best match for your individuality. It can be a tribal sign, quote tattoo, zodiac sign or flower tattoo. New tattooing styles also offer to get mandala tattoo on foot.



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