LANCASTER, CALIFORNIA: The housekeeper who first found Aaron Carter’s body was a homeless woman that he took in after a possible break-in at his Lancaster house, as per a TMZ report,

Sources told the news outlet that Aaron and his on-and-off fiancee Melanie Martin left their California residence in October for a few nights to visit their 11-month-old son Prince in Orange County. Following Carter’s death, his son is now under the care of Melanie’s mother as neither parent had custody of the child. Carter reportedly wanted to win the custody battle of his son as he blew off a proposed rehab plan to focus on the case before his death.

During the pair’s time in Orange County, they were informed about a forced entry into their residence when the front door was found open along with a few left behind cigarette butts. The couple returned to their $800,000 Lancaster home and were advised by a friend to acquire a housekeeper who would look after their residence when they were away. The pal also had a woman in mind that he knew from from his church, and who happened to be homeless.

“Melanie and Aaron met her, and they felt she was a good fit … so they brokered a deal where they’d offer her a free place to stay in exchange for keeping an eye on the place. She’d also do odd jobs around the property,” said the source.

The woman, whose identity has not been revealed, had been living there for 2-3 weeks when she found Carter’s body in the bathtub and called the cops on November 5 at around 11 am. There have been no details about what will happen to her now. However, since there has been a lot of activity at the Lancaster residence, the homeless woman might have to leave the house after all.

Carter died at the age of 34. While the cause of his death is yet to be revealed, speculations lead to substance abuse relapse. Carter’s best friend Gary Madatyan claimed that nobody was there for the artist including his brother Nick. “I wish he could have done a little more as a blood relative to Aaron,” Madatyan told Page Six. “I’m not judging him. I’m not saying anything bad because I respect him. He’s a talented artist. I love him, but Aaron had an obsession with his brother,” he said. “Mentally ill people think differently. He was pushing, poking to get that attention. Aaron did things he should have never done to his brother, but we’re talking about mental health. He was crying out for help. He looked up to Nick in so many ways. They were trying to make everything good again. It just breaks my heart that nobody was there for him,” Madatyan added.


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