According to reports, a Michigan man wanted for sexually assaulting and torturing his ex-girlfriend with a hot hair straightener was found shot 7 times after getting into a shootout, but authorities are sure with whom.

Dekenta Parchman, 30, was wanted by police for an hours-long assault on his ex inside her own home. Authorities say Parchman allegedly repeatedly beat his ex and sexually assaulted her with a hair straightener that was on.

Per FOX 2 Detroit:

Parchman showed up at her apartment drunk and started punching her in the face. He then smashed more than one ashtray over her head and violated her with the hot hair straightener before beating her with an extension cord and blows to her head, reports said. The victim allegedly escaped to a neighbor’s home after three hours and then called the police. By the time officers arrived, Parchman had reportedly stolen her car and left. About a week later, the U.S. marshals said they tracked the suspect in Taylor, Michigan, where he was found in a car with seven bullet wounds. Police said Parchman was involved in a shootout in Inkster, Michigan.

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