A man has been jailed for a minimum of 12 years for attempted murder after stabbing his partner 29 times and leaving her to die.

On 21 May 2021, college lecturer Martina Turner was attacked in her Winlaton Mill home by her partner Steven Wood.

The former soldier has bipolar and a criminal record of domestic violence.

Newcastle Crown Court heard the two had finished watching the news over dinner when Wood became agitated and stabbed Ms Turner repeatedly until his knife broke.

Ms Turner recalled a lack of clarity over Covid travel information as being the source of Wood’s rage, as the two were planning a holiday together.

“Somehow I could feel unease,” she said. “So I said ‘I’m just going out for a while.'”

When Wood told her he was “feeling right”, mother-of-three Ms Turner suggested he go for a bike ride or take their dog out for a walk, and told him she was going to go out.

“I can remember him shouting from behind me: ‘you go nowhere’,” she said. “Then he got the knife out. I didn’t register what had happened, until I saw the blood running down my T-shirt on the front. I turned round and said; ‘what are you doing?'”

After his initial attack, prosecutors explained, Wood retrieved another knife and plunged it into Ms Turner’s chest.

“He said; ‘I need to finish you off because I’m not going to prison for you,'” she said.

“I begged for my life. At that point I thought, I needed to be really smart.

“I think you just go into survival mode and tell yourself not to panic now because any movement could be your last.

“I suggested he phone his son, because his son is everything to him. He grabbed his phone and stabbed me with the knife in the chest.”

Ms Turner tried to escape Wood’s attack by hiding in a cupboard, but as she did so she fell backwards, breaking two ribs.

“He held onto me with the knife while he spoke to his son on the phone,” Ms Turner continued. “He broke down, cried and said; ‘I have done something really bad.'”

Meanwhile Ms Turner tried to whisper down the phone asking Wood’s son to call an ambulance and telling him she had been stabbed.

When Wood decided to leave with the knife still embedded in Ms Turner’s chest, he locked the doors and hid keys to slow down emergency services.

“My hands were very very slippery from all the blood but I managed to get my phone out, put it on the electricity meter box, and dial 999,” continued Ms Turner.

“A really lovely woman stayed with me on the phone until the paramedics came. At that point I hadn’t realised he had locked me in.”

Paramedics from the North East Ambulance Service and a helicopter from the Great North Air Ambulance Service were sent to the scene.

After breaking a window to get to Ms Turner emergency services decided she would be taken to the Royal Victoria Infirmary.

“The paramedics came through the window and rescued me…All I can remember is saying ‘I want to see my children grow up’. I think that makes you really strong and focused on surviving.”

When Tina arrived at hospital medics discovered she had been stabbed 29 times and had wounds over her entire body, including her heart, spine, and legs.

Meanwhile, Wood was also being taken to the RVI after attempting to take his own life.

Ms Turner spent six weeks in hospital and underwent multiple operations.

“It will take me a long, long time to trust again.” she said.

Mr Wood was arrested and on Friday 22 July sentenced to a minimum of 12 years in prison for attempted murder.


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