Well, what one woman thought would be an enjoyable meal with a friend, soon went downhill, after she was fat-shamed by a rude waiter.

Gloria Bennett took to TikTok to share her story and revealed she was left mortified when a waiter fat-shamed her by telling her she needed to order extra food so that she wouldn’t eat other customers’ meals or even ‘eat her friend’.

The 33-year-old author, Gloria Bennett claims she went out to eat with a petite friend of hers and was horrified when a waiter came over and encouraged them to order extra food so that Gloria wouldn’t eat other people’s food.

He allegedly went over to other tables and warned people to guard their fries against her ⁠– but that was just the start.

In the video, which has gained more than 909.6k views, Gloria explained: “A few years ago, I went to lunch with a friend of mine. We’ll call her Stephanie.

“Now, Stephanie is petite and I am not.

“When the waiter walked up to give us our menus, he saw me and stopped and looked me up and down and got a little sh*t-eating grin on his face.

“He handed me my menu and he said, ‘now let me know if you have any questions about the food. I wouldn’t want to leave you hungry for too long’.

“And then he walked away. Stephanie and I were looking at each other, like, ‘what did he just say?’

“But he had a really strong accent. We were like, maybe it’s lost in translation, whatever.

“I’ll just forget about it. No harm, no foul.”

But Gloria revealed that shortly after, the waiter returned to take their order, and things quickly went from bad to worse.

Gloria explained that the waiter then came back to take their order and recommended to Stephanie to “order extra”.

She continued: “He’s like laughing and joking and then he turns to me and says, and you maybe should just order a whole second meal so that you leave hers alone.

“And we were looking at each other, like, I can’t believe this guy is doing this right now.”

The waiter then walked away leaving the pair debating on whether or not to get his manager involved ⁠– but the ordeal didn’t end there.

At the end of the dinner, Gloria revealed that the waiter had asked Stephanie if she had eaten enough before recommending that Gloria order dessert so that she “doesn’t eat her friend on the way home”.

The two women were shocked and of course paid without leaving a tip.

TikTok users were left appalled at the waiter’s shocking behaviour.

Gloria’s video has clearly shocked many, as it has racked up 109k likes and 3,229 comments.

Many TikTok users expressed their sincerity in the comments, while many shared their own stories of being fat-shamed.

One user wrote: “I am so sorry you didn’t deserve that whatsoever.”

Another added: “Now we are different people because if it had been me….I’m going to jail.”

A third said: “I can easily believe this story. I’ve had guys moo behind me in a line at the movies and say something about getting McDonald’s. This is reality.”


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