When it comes to dry spells, Drew Barrymore doesn’t have a care in the world. The talk show host joked on Tuesday that she could go “years” without sex after learning that Andrew Garfield once went six months without it to prep for a film role. This isn’t the first time Drew’s romantic life has become a topic on her show.


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The mother of two made the big confession on Tuesday.

While recanting the story she had heard about Andrew, Drew explained why she thought a few months was no big deal.

“What’s wrong with me that six months doesn’t seem like a very long time?” she asked the Drew Barrymore Show audience, getting a laugh from Ross Matthews.


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Both Ross and Drew knew people were going to react to her statement as soon as it was out of her mouth.

“I was like, ‘Yeah, so,'” Drew joked with Ross.

“That’s the headline: “Drew can go six months, no big deal,'” he responded. But then Drew corrected him and added that she could actually go a whole lot longer without getting it on, adding that she could make it “years” without too much fuss.

Andrew had originally made the comment to Marc Maron while appearing on his podcast.

Although abstaining from sex was NBD for Drew, it’s obvious that it was pretty major for Andrew, who talked about it during an appearance on Marc’s WTF podcast.

“I did a bunch of spiritual practices every day. I created new rituals for myself … I had some pretty wild, trippy experiences,” he said of his prep work for Silence, which included starving himself of both food and sex.

Drew’s romantic life has been fodder for her talk show a lot lately.

Just recently, Drew had ex-boyfriend Justin Long on the couch to talk about their on-again/off-again relationship that lasted from 2007 to 2010 and spanned the course of two flicks that the pair starred in together.

“I love that we’ve maintained our love. I know from my end, it’ll never go anywhere. I’ll love you always, you know,” Justin sweetly said before Drew agreed.

Fans love Drew’s candid nature on screen.

Although she says she can go long stretches without intimacy, she has been in several serious relationships, including three marriages — with Jeremy Thomas, Tom Green, and Will Kopelman — that produced two children (Olive and Frankie) that she shares with Will.

We’re sure there were a lot of people out there who related to Drew’s confession, which is why she remains so open and honest about her feelings when taping her series.

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