The year 2022 has been quite memorable for GloRilla. The success of her breakthrough hit “F.N.F (Let’s Go)” became the anthem of the Summer, and in the process, it made her a household name in hip-hop and a 2023 Grammy nominee. The Memphis-based rapper has also become one of the most quotable interviewees in the rap game. Her interview clips about the existence of foxes and the moment she was enlightened about where exactly ham and pork come from became social media jewels.

The 23-year-old emcee recently sat down with Angela Yee on Lip Service to talk about her sexual exploits and preferences in the bedroom. During the discussion with Angela and her co-hosts Laura Mora and Jasmine Brand, she revealed that she’s not a lesbian, but she’d be willing to make an exception for Amber Rose. But perhaps the most shocking moment of the interview came when Angela Yee and her co-hosts managed to get GloRilla to disclose one of the “nastiest” things she’s done behind closed doors.

“Are you nasty too, you think?” Asked Angela Yee. “Like, if I had to say [something] about GloRilla in bed, [I’d say] she is nasty [and] freaky?”

“Yeah, I be doing some nasty stuff…I did some stuff sh*t that I ain’t never heard of,” replied GloRilla.

“We need an example,” said Angela’s co-host, Jasmine Brand. “We need one example, please…I want to hear corny and nasty.”

In response, GloRilla stated that she likes to intake her sexual partner’s bodily fluid before shocking the co-hosts with some bizarre kinkiness.

“It’s some weird sh*t,” said GloRilla as she held back her laughter. “So, basically, we just got done eating right…Then we had sex right after. [There was] some food, and I’ma still eat it. So, I said ‘n*t on my food, and I’ma eat it (laughs).”

Scroll up and skip ahead to the 44:18 mark to watch.

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