Addilyn may be an infant, but she’s already a survivor. She’s a victim of abuse and almost lost her life until she was finally surrounded by the love she’s always deserved.

Her story may have started out grim, but it has a happy ending. Back in 2019, Addilyn was beaten badly by her parents, Brooklyn Tidwell and Michael Fisher.

Fisher was ultimately convicted of attempted murder and aggravated child abuse for the horrific attack and sentenced to 50 years in prison. Tidwell entered a “best-interest” plea to child abuse and received probation. She is not allowed to have any contact with Addilyn.

The abuse happened when Addilyn was less than 3 months old. From that day on, family member Terra Woodward made a promise to never leave Addilyn’s side. And she’s not the only one.

Terra’s husband, Trevor Woodward, was also involved with caring for Addilyn. Before they became her parents, they were her great aunt and uncle. Like Terra, Trevor knew in his heart that Addilyn would likely have lifelong issues based on the abuse she suffered. Doctors also told the couple to be prepared for Addilyn not being able to move on her own. They also had doubts that she’d be able to emote. But she has proved everyone wrong.

Addilyn has slowly but surely proven that she’s capable of movement and showcasing emotions. Right now, they’re hoping her eyesight makes a full recovery.

Addilyn doesn’t just have the love of her great aunt and uncle. She’s also got the support of people in her community and those online. That love will help her power through multiple milestones in the future.

Watch the video to see Addilyn’s first birthday party — and to see more footage of Addilyn proving that she’s strong enough to keep amazing her doctors and new parents.

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