The incident took place after the shooter’s mother, Lisa Fulmore, 40, complained to the worker about her cold fries

BROOKLYN, NEW YORK: A man, 20, was arrested after allegedly shooting a McDonald’s worker in the face outside a Brooklyn store after an argument over cold fries on Monday, August 1. The unidentified victim, 23, is fighting for his life in an extremely critical condition. The incident took place after the shooter’s mother, Lisa Fulmore, 40, complained to the worker about her cold fries.


Fulmore’s son, who was nearby, walked into the store and started fighting with the employee at the Fulton Street McDonald’s. The thug then pulled out a gun and shot the worker in the head. A man cradled the worker’s head as they waited for authorities to arrive. A witness told the New York Daily News that a man used his own shirt to try to stop the worker’s bleeding.

Recalling the incident, police told New York Post, “The mom complained that her fries were cold. The mom was on FaceTime with her son, and he heard the dispute between her and the clerk. The son and the clerk got into a dispute inside, and it went outside.” This is when the son shot the employee.


“I feel like crying. You shot someone over french fries?” said a witness, who owns a local business. Another witness said, “The co-workers, they were around [the victim]. They were on their phones, and they were crying. A man took off his shirt and put it on the neck to try to stop the bleeding. [The victim’s] right eye was swollen shut. He couldn’t talk. He was just shaking. His chest was heaving. He was still breathing when they put him on the stretcher.”


“I saw the guy lying on the sidewalk. He was on his back,’’ another witness recalled. “Blood was running from his neck area onto the sidewalk.[EMTs] stopped, they picked him up [on a stretcher], they went right away with him.” The witness said that his own son was shot dead six years ago. “I took it personally because I have experience of the trauma of what it did to my family – no grandchildren,” he said.

Meanwhile, Fulmore described what happened during the argument. “I talked to my son with the cops. My son is just saying that he gotta do what he gotta do and the [victim] came after him and whatever happened, happened,’’ she said, according to New York Post. The mom, who has three sons, said that the incident unfolded after she was served cold fries. “The fries were cold,’’ Fulmore said. “I asked the girl to change the French fries because the fries was cold. She went to the French fry machine for maybe 10 seconds and brought back fries, so I thought they was new fries, so I had left.”

“So I taste the fries, and after I got to the third one, it was a cold fry still. So I went back to take the food back,” she added. “I asked her, ‘Why would you give me the same fries and just put one or two on top to make me think that you gave me new fries?’ She started laughing, and all of them started laughing, acting like it’s funny,’’ Fulmore said. “I was like, ‘What’s funny? I paid for food, and I should get what I asked for.’ They laughed at me.”

“One of them was like, ‘All of this over fries?’ So now I’m arguing with them back and forth.” “The boy where they cook the food at was like, ‘You got all this food in your teeth,’” Fulmore said, referring to the employee who was shot. “So I said, ‘You wanna take it out? You’re saying I got all this food in my teeth, you wanna take it out?’”

The mom said that when she asked to speak to their boss, they told her the manager had stepped out. “Everybody started laughing again,’’ she said. “This is when I was on the phone with my son. I was like, ‘They in this McDonald’s playing with me.’ I was like, I got kids their age, I’m not going to sit here and keep arguing with these little kids.”


Fulmore said her son insisted that he would come down to the store, but he urged her not to as she did not want him to “get in trouble”. But her son came and stormed into the restaurant anyway. The son allegedly asked the victim to step out, but he refused to. Fulmore then asked her son to leave “because I didn’t want him to get in trouble. So I’m thinking my son was gone,’’ she said. “I’m thinking it was over because my son left the store.”

“The next thing you know, maybe like 10 minutes later, you hear a gunshot. So I ran to the door. I said, ‘Who’s shooting?’” Some replied, “Your son.” “I looked, and I seen a boy on the ground, and then I saw my son running the other way. I called 911, and then I sat there and waited,” Fulmore said. She insisted that she did not know anything about her son having a gun. “I don’t even know if my son did that,” she said, referring to the shooting.


Fulmore said that the victim changed his shirt at one point and “he had something under the blue shirt, that’s why he put the big blue shirt on.” Law-enforcement sources confirmed that there was no indication that the victim was carrying a weapon, and that he had had prior arrests.

Fulmore maintained that her son could not have triggered the shooting. The son is in police custody but has not been charged with the shooting. He was previously arrested multiple times, including for grand larceny in 2019 and assault and theft of service in 2018, police sources confirmed. He has several sealed arrest cases too.

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