Nick McDonald, who owns a $4 million Palm Beach property, caught influencer Holly Cheesman taking off her clothes on CCTV footage. The Instagrammer can be seen handing her phone to someone off-camera and stripping down for photos.

Speaking to

I’ll often come home and there’s people in the driveway taking photos and they always get super-embarrassed, but this one was probably the most bold of them all. I pulled up and they kind of smiled and said, ‘You don’t mind if I get some photos here, do you?’ then kept at it.

She later shared the photo on her Instagram with the caption:

They never really leave, lack of self control.

Mr McDonald said he took the attention his projects attracted as a compliment, adding it didn’t affect their quality of life as the home’s interior had been designed as a private retreat for him and his wife, Bridgette.

I guess if you’re designing a house as a photo shoot location you are trying to create those different aesthetics throughout the space, and that is also how we approached the design of this project so it is well-suited from the perspective of its visual appeal.


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