A mum has shared how she receives backlash online over her four-year-old son’s hair, with people even accusing her of ‘child abuse’ for letting him grow it so long

A mum claims she has received a wave of negative backlash after posting clips online of her four-year-old son’s long hair as some say it is ‘abuse’ not to cut it. Mum Charlie Hayes, 22, wants to give her son Jasper the choice with his hair and how he has it but some critics online have deemed it a form of child abuse by not getting it cut.

Charlie explains: “Initially I didn’t cut it when he was younger, because I thought chopping boys hair off is silly. I wanted to give him the choice. He likes his long hair and he doesn’t want to cut it.

“I ask him in the mornings how he wants his hair. Sometimes he wants plaits, sometimes pig tails or a pony tail.”

However, as Jasper is getting older and going to school he has begun to realise many people think that long hair is just for girls, which is something he likes to correct people on when he hears it.

Charlie, from Folkestone, Kent, said “He isn’t offended of people thinking he’s a girl and I have tried to instill to him that it’s not a bad thing to be a girl or to be mistaken as a girl.

“Only, he just gets frustrated when people say long hair is just for girls but he’s not usually bothered and will just politely correct people. I’m so proud of him, he’s a lot braver than others that’s for sure.

“I predicted that he would have cut it by now but he’s proven me wrong and it’s become part of him now.”

Since posting clips of her son’s locks online, Charlie has received negative comments from those who feel her actions are unfair on Jasper and she should get her son’s hair cut.

Some cruel people have even shared homophobic messages and said that her son would be bullied for things she has done but she just wants her son to be happy with how he looks.

She adds: “I have received the worst reactions online. People in person are really positive and are usually happy to be corrected when they mistake him as a girl. The negative comments are on the internet and a lot more recently as well. I get waves of awful comments.

“People have very extreme homophobic ideologies about him, it’s unbeliveable as he is four years old. He doesn’t understand these things that people are saying, he doesn’t care about sexuality or gender he’s just young child that likes long hair.”

However, Charlie is keen to make her son know that he can be who he wants to be.

“Just let kids be kids. He doesn’t see the world in boxes that society puts people in. If he likes something, he doesn’t care what it is, he likes cars but he also likes his long hair he’s just a child,” she stated.


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