Police in the United States have stated that a father murdered the 19-year-old ‘boyfriend’ of his daughter after he discovered that he had sold her to a sex-trafficking ring.

John Eisenman, who is 60, killed Aaron Sorenson by repeatedly stabbing him in Spokane, Washington. He then put his body in the trunk of a car where it was left to rot. The body laid undiscovered for almost a year. The car was later traced back to the suspect by detectives.

It is claimed by the suspect that his daughter, who was a juvenile, had been sold for $1,000 into a sex-trafficking ring, she was later recovered and is now at home.

The police said they do not condone vigilante-type crimes and that people should not take the law into their own hands. The police also said that they have nothing to corroborate Eisenman’s claims that his daughter was indeed sold into sex trafficking and that no investigation into sex-trafficking in the area is taking place.

According to police Eisenman had found out where Sorenson lived and had waited to ambush him. They continued:

“During that encounter Eisenman abducted the victim, tying him up and placing him in the trunk of a vehicle. Eisenman subsequently assaulted the victim by hitting him in the head with a cinder block and then stabbed him repeatedly, causing his death. After the homicide, Eisenman drove the vehicle to a remote area in North Spokane County and abandoned the car with the body still inside.”

Amber Hellerman, whose partner and other friend found the body, said:

“They were just looking around and for some reason, they decided to look in the trunk and all I hear is, ‘there’s a body’.”

Eisenmann was then tracked by police and arrested. He has no previous recent convictions for violence and is currently being held on a $1 million bond in Washington state.

[Based on reporting by: The Daily Mail]


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