BAY ST LOUIS, MISSISSIPPI: A Mississippi veterinarian shot and killed two police officers outside a motel Wednesday, December 14, before shooting herself in front of her daughter. Amy Brogdon Anderson, a 43-year-old Ocean Springs resident, was parked in the backseat of a Motel 6 parking lot with her 8-year-old child when things turned ugly.

Officers Brandon Estorffe and Sgt Steven Robin responded to a call for a welfare check from the motel to the Bay St Louis Police Department. The motel is on Interstate 90, which runs through the Gulf Coast city, officials said. Bay St Louis Police Sgt as reported by AP, Steven Robin and officer Branden Estorffe spoke to Anderson for nearly a half-hour before she fired at them while sitting in the vehicle, investigators said. During the conversation, the officers called for Child Protection Services, the police statement said.

Who was Amy Anderson?

Amy Anderson had recently started working as an emergency veterinarian. She shared no criminal history and was well-liked in the community, reported the source. The Mississippi mother who was sitting with her 10-year-old child in her SUV outside Motel 6 was approached by Sgt Steven Robin, 34, and officer Branden Estorffe, 23. Amy shared a 30-minute-long interaction with the officers until they decided to call the state Department of Child Protection Services. Amy then opened fire from inside the vehicle killing Sgt Robin at the scene.

While Estorffe was rushed to Memorial Hospital in Gulfport. Shortly he succumbed to his injuries. Amy also died at the scene from a gunshot wound to her chest, according to the authorities. Police said they believe the troubled mother fatally shot herself, but one of the officers also fired a shot, so an autopsy will determine the cause of death, reported. Amy’s daughter, whose identity has not been released, was not injured in the incident. Anderson studied nutrition and dietetics at the University of Southern Mississippi before getting her degree in veterinary medicine at Mississippi State University, according to the Sun Herald.


“I wanted to be a veterinarian since I was old enough to know what it was,” she told the Vicksburg Post after graduating from Mississippi State University in 2005. “What it takes is good people skills…I use that a lot more than what I learned in vet school.” Bay St Louis Police Chief Toby Schwartz called the incident “a tragedy,” and described Estorffe and Robin as two of the police department’s “finest” officers. “We are gathering facts and will ensure a thorough investigation into this matter,” Schwartz added.


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