Stepdad charged with 9yo’s murder ‘fearful’ of being behind bars.

Stepdad charged with missing nine-year-old’s murder ‘fearful’ of being behind bars.

Court documents have revealed chilling details about the alleged murder of a nine-year-old girl, who disappeared in the Blue Mountains last week.

Documents show that the girl, who can no longer be legally named, was likely killed between 7pm on Tuesday, January 11 and 10am January 12.

However, she wasn’t reported missing to the police until January 14 – before her remains were found in a barrel in a riverbed.

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The man was charged with the nine-year-old girl’s murder. Source: The Daily Telegraph

Stepdad “fearful” after being charged with 9yo’s murder

The man, confirmed to be the “de facto fiancé” of the girl’s mum, appeared at Central Local Court this morning, still wearing the grey Everlast jumper he was arrested in overnight.

He was charged with the girl’s murder last night. In court, his lawyer did not apply for bail but did say that the man suffered from long-standing mental health issues and was worried for his safety while in custody.

“Asking for a recommendation for a full justice health assessment and he be supplied with his prescribed medication,” the lawyer said.

The man revealed that he had been on “high dosages” of medication for “many years” – which he would need to be provided with while on remand.

The Magistrate agreed – but later denied the man’s request to be separated from other prisoners for “personal safety”.

Magistrate Williams told the man that he had no power to order this, adding that this would be the responsibility of Corrective Services NSW.

A police prosecutor also requested an adjournment of 13 weeks for a brief of evidence due to “the complexities of the matter”.

“We require additional time for the order to be served and I ask for an additional four weeks,” the prosecutor told the court.

“Eight weeks wouldn’t be sufficient for all the evidence to be served in that time.”

However, Magistrate Robert Williams declined this request – with the man to face Penrith Local Court on March 18.

The man’s lawyer outside court in Sydney. Picture: John Grainger

Stepdad’s movements in lead up to the girl’s body being discovered

Earlier this morning, police confirmed that the man charged with the missing nine-year-old’s murder was her mum’s “de-facto fiancé”. Acting Commissioner Webb said the girl’s cause of death was yet to be determined with investigations continuing.

This was echoed by Deputy Commissioner Dave Hudson who said that while it was still unclear what happened, they were “certain” the accused man placed the girl in the barrel.

“What we are sure of is that the accused that we charged with murder was responsible for, firstly, placing her in the barrel, and then disposing of that barrel in the bushland where she was located,” he told reporters.

“Things will unravel over the next week or so to find a cause of death, the purpose for a death, and try and identify exactly what happened so that the remaining family have some comfort in that.”

Deputy Commissioner Hudson also shared that the man held phone conversations with the child’s mother in the lead up to the girl’s body being discovered.

“[There were] a number of telephone conversations with the girl’s mother, to purchase a number of sandbags, 20kg sandbags from a hardware store, to fuel a boat and then try and float that boat on the water at one of the docks in inner Sydney,” he said.

Speaking to media, detectives revealed that the 32-year-old man purchased 20kg sandbags and attempted to sink a boat in Sydney after the missing girl vanished.

Due to the alleged sighting, police have said that the little girl was “certainly alive last Wednesday” and may have “been alive on Thursday”.

They have yet to determine a motive for the alleged crime. Police also confirmed that the man charged with her murder has been refused bail and has declined to be interviewed by the police.

The girl’s mum remains in health care with officers holing to “liaise with her” as soon as she is well enough to do so.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison made the admission this morning. Picture: NCA NewsWire/Gary Ramage

Dad speaks out after 9yo missing girl’s remains found

While speaking at a press conference this morning, Prime Minister Scott Morrison offered his “thoughts and prayers” for the missing nine-year-old before adding he hopes that she will be found OK.

Within seconds, shocked reporters jumped in to point out that the girl’s remains had tragically been found this morning – with a 32-year-old man charged with her murder.

“I have been following this privately, this matter … I can’t imagine what the parents and their community have been going through,” Mr Morrison said.

“I – look, you know, hope for the best and pray for it but it doesn’t always occur. My thoughts and prayers frankly are with the family today and that little girl. I hope she’s alright. I really do. I’m sure we all do.”

“Let’s hope that that has a good ending and if that’s someone who’s been brought to justice, then that is also very important.”

Within seconds, shocked reporters jumped in to point out that the girl’s remains had tragically been found this morning – with a 32-year-old man charged with her murder.

“I’m sorry. I hadn’t seen that before I came out today,” a clearly shaken PM said.

“That is devastating news. I’m very sorry that … since early this morning, I’ve been engaged in other issues, as I’m sure you can imagine.

“Having heard that news, that’s … it’s just … devastating.”

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