According to reports, a Las Vegas woman was taken into custody after allegedly stealing a Rolex watch and hiding it inside of her genitals.

Authorities were called to the Aria Hotel in Las Vegas on Sunday after a man claimed a woman, now identified as Sarah Richards, 33, stole his watch after the two cuddled up together in his room. He said Richards insisted he take off his watch while they cuddled. The man obliged by placing the watch under his pillow as they continued to drink wine and spoon.

However, at some point the man noticed the watch was missing and noted that RIchards “went into a panic” and left the hotel room. He alerted hotel security who got the local police department involved. Upon an initial search, the watch wasn’t discovered but authorities eventually noticed she was hiding it inside her genitals.

Richards was subsequently arrested on grand larceny charges. She is also facing residential theft and burglary charges for an incident from June where he allegedly drugged a man before stealing his watch.

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