By this point, Keanu Reeves has more than established himself as one of the good guys of Hollywood.

The Matrix star has been an A-list fixture for decades now, but it speaks volumes that he’s never been involved in any trouble; has never found his name mentioned in headlines in connection with any serious scandal.

Quite the opposite, in fact. Despite the megastar status he has managed to achieve, and all the potential pitfalls and traps that so many celebrities fall foul of, Keanu has garnered a reputation for himself as a kind, compassionate soul.

We’ve written many articles about the 58-year-old and his heartwarming exploits, but scratch a little deeper and it becomes apparent that the actor’s life has been anything but sunshine and roses.

In fact, Keanu Reeve’s story is one of many twists and turns. Tragedy and sorrow have their place, but it’s how the superstar has conducted himself despite all the hardships he has faced that perhaps speaks loudest concerning the character of his soul …

Never one to place importance on wealth and fame and flashing lights, it’s become apparent that Reeves is, first and foremost, a family man.

He likes to keep his personal life private – this alone is something that separates him from a large portion of Hollywood’s elite.

And it’s precisely because of his more reserved nature that certain aspects of his life have never really been a huge talking point in the mainstream media. Take, for example, the little known fact that Keanu once risked his entire career to care for his sick sister.

It’s important to state that Reeves was bereft of a proper father figure growing up. He last saw his biological dad when he was 13 years old, meaning that it was Keanu – in a home with three sisters and his mother – who had to take on the mantle of being the so called ‘man of the house’.

It’s been well documented that the Canadian actor lost his only child to stillbirth in 1999. His partner at the time, Jennifer Syme, passed away shortly after when she was in a car accident in 2001.

Then, while in the peak of his career, Keanu faced a challenge that would question the very fibre of his moral fortitude.


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His sister, Kim, was diagnosed with leukemia, and the news reportedly pushed Keanu to the brink of heartbreak.

He knew he had to do whatever he could to help her, even if it meant taking a step back from his career and focusing all his efforts of making his sister better.

As per reports, Reeves sold his home so that he could move to be close to Kim. He also ensured she could get the best possible treatment, and that she was comfortable and free of stress to give her a chance of winning her fight with cancer.

All told, it took 10 years for Kim to recover, but Keanu was with her every step of the way.

Not only that, but it’s also said that Keanu decided to go out of his way to help others suffering from the same illness that threatened his sister’s life. He gave away 70% of his salary – $45 million – from a film to help people battling leukemia.

And the best part of it all? He has never once boasted about the philanthropic acts he so regularly engages in; never tried to use it to his advantage with PR in mind.

Put simply, Keanu Reeves is the type of person any individual in the public eye should endeavor to be like. A charming, thoughtful soul who thinks of others first and knows that in the end, compassion and good will mean more than any amount of money or star power.

We can’t get enough of Keanu Reeves and his huge heart.

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